Elijah was looking around in the living room when Damon and Elena came downstairs. They’d hopped in the dusche and hadn’t particularly hurried up. No, they hadn’t been doing it, but with Elena not feeling very well, the last thing they wanted was a showdown with a pair of Originals.
When they came downstairs, Katherine was already settled with a blood bag and Elijah checked Damon’s extensive book collection. As soon as Elijah lay eyes on Elena he raised an eyebrow.
“Forgive me for being blunt,” he said. “but Du look rather unwell”
“That’s because she saw you” Damon replied sarcastically. “Is there a special reason you’re here and not in one of Klaus’s coffins?”
“Yes” Elijah came to the point. “My lovely yet mendacious sister Rebekah has filled me in about a little war you’re having with some idiots suffering from megalomania. And according to Rebekah…”
“…You’re walking around like chickens with their heads cut off” Rebekah finished smug. “Veronica doesn’t know about the Originals, which means we have the element of surprise”
Elena walked to the couch and sank down. She lay her head on Katherine’s shoulder, who raised her eyebrows. This was awkward, but with Damon in the room, she didn’t dare push the girl away.
“Go back to bed, Elena” Damon sagte in a slightly begging tone.
“Hmm” Elena groaned with her eyes closed.
“I’ll take her” Katherine promised. She lifted Elena in her arms and that’s when she felt how hot Elena was. She looked up at Damon, who came rushing to them. He took his girl from Katherine and rushed outside.