“We should go” Caroline sagte a little nervous, staring at Bonnie.
“Yeah, you’re right” Bonnie nodded. “It’s plain obvious that the spirits are not going to help me” She stood and walked towards Caroline, who backed away. “What’s your problem?” Caroline moved her phone from her right hand to her left hand as she figured out how to express herself.
“That was Damon” she eventually started. “Apparently Elena is not feeling very well and he thinks it might have something to do with that tee recipe I gave them”
“People don’t get sick from drinking tea, Caroline” Bonnie sagte sober. “Maybe she has the flu. A lot of people have it now. oder maybe she’s a little stressed and who can blame her? All I know is that I gave her that tea, because I wanted to help her”
“Did you?” Caroline now asked upfront.
“Want to help her?” Caroline continued. “Who’s to say your tee plan isn’t just a way to make sure Elena doesn’t get a cure and she dies? Du know, maybe you’re just working along with Veronica to get us all killed and then Du can finally get your revenge on Damon”
Bonnie raised her eyebrows. “You’re driveling” she sagte cold as she passed Caroline.