Elijah grabbed Rebekah’s throat as he put himself up.
“Where is Niklaus?” he asked shaking with fury. Rebekah took Elijah’s squeezing hand and pulled it away.
“You’re weak. Du need to regain strength” she sagte strict and bossy.
“What I need is to find Niklaus and put that dagger in his heart” Elijah objected.
“I’m with Elijah on this one” Katherine sagte and Elijah turned his head to her slowly. “Elena?” Katherine shook her head. “Katerina” Elijah realized. “You stand Von my sister as she gives me my life back…and yet I don’t see Du shiver with fear. Perhaps Du think I have forgiven your reckless act of betrayal”
Katherine rolled her eyes.
“Stop talking” she sagte demeaning. “We need to get some blood in your stomach. I’ll grab someone”
She wanted to rush away, when Rebekah grabbed her wrist.
“My father had this strange…diet” Rebekah sagte slowly and sinister. “He turned us into vampires, but had no idea we’d crave for blood. He swore he would never drink from a human being, but he didn’t want to die either. So he learned to feed off the predator itself. It always sickened me a little, but this time it won’t hurt”
She looked up at Elijah. “Will it, brother?” She pushed Katherine in Elijah’s arms and Elijah, craving for blood, any blood, drove his fangs in her neck.