Rachel looked around her at the police station when someone called her.
“Can I help you, ma’am?”
Rachel looked up and saw Sherrif Forbes standing a few yards away from her. “Eh, yeah, I want to Berichten a disappearance”
“Maybe we should talk about this in my office?” Liz offered and she guided Rachel to her office. “Have a seat” she sagte when she placed herself behind the bureau. Rachel sat down.
“Someone went missing?” Liz asked, staring sharply at Rachel.
Rachel, feeling uneasy, moved on her seat. “My husband, Gabe. He hasn’t been Home in a few days. We had a fight and he left and I haven’t seen him ever since”
Liz nodded, while a deputy was taking notes. “And when did this happen?”
Rachel pulled her shoulders. “I don’t know, a week oder so?”
“And why didn’t Du come to us sooner?” Liz continued.
Rachel now scratched her left upper arm. “I…I thought he was just being stubborn. I thought he’d come back home, but he hasn’t and he’s not answering his phone” She looked up at the Sherriff. “I’m really worried about him”
The Sheriff got up. “We’ll get to the bottom of this, Mrs. Lindy” she shook Rachel’s hand.
Rachel walked to the door, but once there she turned around.
“Please find him, sheriff”
Liz nodded and Rachel left.