Now I know a lot of doesn’t blame “saint” Stefan for Elena’s death oder blame Meredith (from unexplainable reason), but facts are facts he is the REASON she died please don’t give he “respected” her decision/choice CRAP spare me the “you’re watching another to show” because I’m goanna prove my statement that this whole respecting thing is full of CRAP.

All of Du see/look at the whole situation as some kind of a mercy death oder whatever, like she was dying from a terrible diseases/illness oder she was hooked to a machines, and what he did was respect/honor her dying wish sorry guys that was NOT the situation at all far from it Elena was in perfect health the only thing that was killing her was lack of air/oxygen that’s it, he had a choice because unless Elena had some super power that we all didn’t know about oder missed that prevented him from saving her he had a choice to save her.

Elena from since S1,S2 tried a lot of times to give her life up/sacrifice herself so that people she loves won’t give up their own lives and if it wasn’t for both of the Salvatore brothers, her Friends and family she would have died a long time Vor because when it comes to her loved ones Elena she doesn’t think rationally she doesn’t consider all of her options she just rush in to save them, Damon think of the best plan to save the people she loves and keep them alive at the same time (if it’s possible to do both, but when he’s cornered to choice between them oder her he ALWAYS choose to save Elena) like what he did in 2x18 with the whole faking boonies’ death, and in 2x20 when jumped Tyler to save Caroline & matt from a possible werewolf bit and gave matt the wooden bullets so they can defend themselves from werewolf Tyler.

Du want talk about respecting decisions/choices oder life style, well how about the time “saint” Stefan, Damon, and the rest of the gang (Caroline, Jeremy, bonnie, Alaric) planed on killing Katherine without telling Elena in 2x07, now I know a lot of Du would say Damon didn’t tell Elena and made the decision for her but guess what “saint” Stefan was/is her boyfriend and he KEPT IT from her, he DIDN’T even mentation it to her about it because he knew that he would ACTUALLY HAVE to make the decision for HER that he would HAVE to make her stay Home while him, Damon, and her Friends would risk their lives taking down Katherine, he knew that she would want to be part of the plan that’s why he told Alaric to keep her at home, doesn’t that sound like controlling her decisions and NOT RESPECTING them? Yes it does because it is, “saint” Stefan just didn’t have the guts to do it himself oder how about the time Elena asked Caroline to distract “saint” Stefan so she can go and talk to Katherine in 2x09, AGAIN Elena knew “saint” Stefan would never approve so she sent a distraction (Caroline) like he did (Alaric) and the mint “saint” Stefan respecting stupid decisions vampire learned about what she was doing he went to STOP HER, is that “RESPECTING” her decisions NO MATTER WHAT?? Um… how about a BIG NO, oder how about the time Elena went behind “saint” Stefan and Damon’s back in 2x10 and offered herself to Vampire who were going to deliver her to Klaus, she didn’t let anyone know. Avoiding big decisions that both of them disagreed on is NOT RESPECTING her decisions, is being too much of a cowered to actually stand up to the person Du Liebe when they are wrong oder making rash decisions, is actually DISRESPECTFUL, that Du even have enough respect oder guts to disagree with the person Du love.

Since we are talking about “saint” Stefan being team “respecting decisions” of that people he loves and all, then how come “saint” Stefan back 1864 did NOT respect his brother’s decision to keep Katherine’s secret a secret?? (He went to their father and gave enough hints about Katherine) oder Damon’s decision of not becoming a vampire after he thought Katherine was “dead”?? How come “saint” Stefan team “respecting decisions” did NOT respect his brother decision to stay low and stop killing council members, to keep both of them safe?? how come “Saint” Stefan didn’t respect Damon’s decision to kill himself in 2x22 when he was ACTUALLY dying from something as far as both of them knew there’s wasn’t a cure for, instead he locked Damon up and made suffer a very painful dying process that as far as “saint” Stefan knew there’s wasn’t a anything he can do. How come he did NOT respect Damon’s decision not to tell Elena about him dying?

The REAL reason “saint” Stefan LET Elena die was NOT about “respecting” her decision far from it. The reason is he doesn’t want her to hate him, the idea of her hating him for not saving her friend and being blamed for his death is too much for him, he did NOT save her for his own selfish reasons, the same thing he did to Damon in 1864 when he turned him into a vampire AGAINST his well, he did it for his own sake and not for anyone else sack, “yeah but she would be alive, and she hate me thus the eternal difference between Du and me brother” - Damon to “satin” Stefan about Elena 3x22. Damon is welling to live with her hating him, he doesn’t care about the damage it might cause to their relationship as long as she’s alive, safe, sicher and happy (she would be happy because she still have Jeremy, Caroline, bonnie, ”saint ”Stefan) and if Du going to start about the things “Saint” Stefan did this season to make her stop looking for him oder hate him, none of it worked because Elena like all the others excused because first he was compelled then after he was free he didn’t want to feel the pain, everyone excused for his actions because he “wasn’t himself” oder whatever CRAP but now that he’s back to “real, good” “saint” Stefan, Elena would never excuse him and she would hate him if he didn’t save matt. Please don’t try justifying “saint” Stefan not saving Elena as some kind of heroic oder respecting her decision oder whatever CRAP, it’s really simple Du Liebe someone Mehr than yourself Du do EVERYTING to SAVE her/his life and keep her/him safe.

Here’ some other examples from other TV shows, that really shows Du the meaning of loving someone truly loving them and doing EVERYTHING to SAVE them NO MATTERWHAT their decisions are:
1- In GA (grey’s anatomy), when izzie singed a DNR ( DO NOT RESUSCITATE) contract so if something does go wrong, the doctors are NOT ALLOWED to RESUSCITATE/not save the patient life, specifying the patient wishes/decisions, but the mint she stopped breathing, Alex her husband (who is a doctor himself who understand all about the DNR she singed) called a code blue and tried to RESUSCITATE her/SAVE her life.

2- In supernatural, when dean was sent back to the past to understand what happened and he saw an opportunity to save his parents he was going to try and save them even if it meant saving their lives the death of 100+ people “you realize if Du do alter the future, your father, you, Sam will never become hunters and all those people Du saved they’ll die” – castile, “ I realize”- dean, “and Du don’t care”- castile, “oh I care, I care a lot but these are my parents I’m not goanna let them die again I can’t, not if I can stop it”- dean 4x03

3- Smallville, when Lana died in 5x12 Clark, rewind the time just to save her, no matter what the consciousness were.

4- In H5-O, chin had to choose to either save his wife’s life oder his Favorit cousin’s life, and he choose to save his wife’s life 2x23

5- In charmed, Von the end of S3 both piper & prue were dying and Leo came too late, he only could one of them, and even though he loved prue as his sister in law and as his charge to save and protect, he saved his wife “you saved because I’m your wife” piper to Leo 4x01

6- Prison break, well I don’t I need to explain this one he (Michael) did everything possible to save his brother’s life things that went against his own nature, even though his brother gave up and accepted his fate.

The point is simple enough Du Liebe someone, Du do everything in your power to save them not matter what they say oder want, don’t try to make it/justify what “saint” Stefan did as a “noble thing” oder having “respect” oder being selfless oder whatever, because he was being selfish he cared Mehr about her Liebe for him Mehr than her life it’s simple as that. And as for it being Rebekah’s fault she called “saint” Stefan before she caused the accident, yes she caused but guess what she wasn’t the person in under the water and who had the choice to save Elena oder matt, and as far as the whole blaming Meredith thing goes (which is ridiculous) she’s the ONLY reason Elena is still alive right now, if she hadn’t gegeben her vampire blood earlier she would be dead not because of the accident but because “saint” Stefan did NOT SAVE her, Elena was still alive after the accident until “saint” Stefan left her to die alone.

3 Mehr things I would like to point out:

1- Why didn’t “saint” Stefan just unbuckle her sitz belt? Instead of wasting time arguing with her

2- Damon was 10o miles away fighting a vampire 10 times stronger than him and the idea/remembering Elena gave him the well to fight back, “saint” Stefan was face, face with her yet somehow he couldn’t find the well/determination to save her first what does that tell you?

3- when “saint” Stefan was with Klaus all summer long (2 moths),and during his compelled period (2 weeks oder 1 moth) and then during his revenge I don’t care about anything oder anyone period (2 moths oder however long it was) Damon was able to save Elena from hybrids, original vampires, Klaus trying to steal her blood 3x05……and so on, all this time/all that long no matter how hard the situations got he was able to keep her safe, sicher and protected, but “saint” Stefan couldn’t even keep Elena alive for 24 hour, and couldn’t save her life from a drowning what does that tell you??

one last thing i would like to add i find really funny that the Fans are welling to blame "saint" stefan for matt's death if he didn't save him and yet somehow they don't blame him for elena's death we all know that elena would have blamed him if he didn't save matt.