“Get me another one of this golden stuff” Alaric sagte lifting his glass. The bartender, who was cleaning some glasses, shook his head. “I think you’ve had quite enough” “Oh, come on” Alaric groaned. “I’m the customer here. I’m paying” He got out some money. “What does it cost, I’m paying Du double” He threw the money on the bar.
“If Du have too much of it, Du can always give it to me” a familiar voice said. Alaric looked aside and saw Damon. “You’re drinking Bourbon? Without me? Shame on you” He signed with his hand, pointing at Alaric’s glass and then at himself. The bartender got the message and filled two new glasses of bourbon and put them on the bar. “He’s your responsibility now” he said. “Yeah, whatever” Damon said. He drank of his glass and saw how Alaric poured the whole content in his mouth at once. “Are Du having a private party? oder is this about Jenna?” Damon asked. Alaric put his glass down and went with his finger around the edge. “I’m trying to find a difference between Isobel and Jenna. Somehow I always fall for the same type of woman. Both beautiful, both turned into vampires, both related to Elena… help me out here, will you?” “Well, I’m not sure if it helps, but I didn’t have sex with Jenna and I didn’t turn Jenna” Damon tried to be funny. “Wow, somehow Du managed to make this whole thing evolve around Du “ Alaric said. “Works for me. Why are Du here?” Damon looked in front of him and drank the rest of his bourbon before he answered. “Other than to have some quality time with my best pal? I’m meeting Bonnie here” “Bonnie? Why?” Alaric asked.
“I’ve been wondering the same since he called”
Damon and Alaric looked up and saw Bonnie. She sank down on the schemel, hocker Weiter to Damon and looked at him with a piercing glance.”Well, I’m waiting”
Damon sighed. “I need Du to do some hocus pocus on me” “Ssh!” Bonnie hissed. “Will Du keep it down? We don’t want anyone to know what I am” Damon rolled his eyes. “Why do Du need my help? I sagte I wasn’t helping Du anymore. The last time was an exception, for Elena. I see no reason to help you” Bonnie continued. “Hmm… I need Du to help me… so I can help Elena. So, you’re really helping Elena” Damon sagte manipulative. Bonnie pursed her lips and squeezed her eyes. “Wow, even when she’s not around Du still find a way to use her as a persuasion” “Is it working?” Damon asked with a smirk. Bonnie lifted up her chin a bit. “Come on, Bonnie, it’s nothing dangerous. Worst thing that could happen is that I die and that’s something Du would only rejoice, right?” Bonnie took a deep breath. “What do Du want me to do?” “Thank you!” and he sounded like he meant it. “You have to take my headache away” “Okay” Bonnie said. “This involves some touching, I hope Du don’t mind” She lay her hands on his temples and started mumbling. It was a good thing the bartender was in the storage, getting new crates of beer. Damon felt his blood getting warmer and his herz pounding. He saw a flash of Bonnie Küssen him and wanted to pull away when Bonnie let go of him. “Feeling better now?” she asked. Damon concentrated and looked around. He didn’t feel any pain. “It’s gone” he said. He looked at Bonnie. “Thank you”
They heard a enormous thud and looked aside. Alaric had fallen off his stool. “We got this” Damon sagte to the bartender, who came out of the storage.