1. Saved her from the car accident
2. Damon danced with Elena so she wouldn't be embarrassed
3. Damon warned Isabel to leave oder he will kill her
4. Damon went with to Isabel's work place to help her find about Katherine's past, and learn Mehr about what's she's planning.
5. Damon saved her life Von blocking the arrow.
6. Damon torched mason to get as information as he can to protect Elena
7. Damon tried to kill Katherine
8. Damon sealed Katherine in the tomb
9. Damon "killed" Elijah and saved Elena
10. Damon went with rose to find out Mehr about how to stop the sacrifice
11. Damon went to get Elena back from sacrificing herself.
12. Damon stopped her from going into the tomb
13. Damon put a spell on her so she can't go and do something stupid
14. Damon helped in saving Caroline
15. Damon confronted Elijah and tried to learn Mehr about what's he planning
16. Damon made a plane to kill Elijah
17. Damon is the one who found out where the witches were burned
18. Damon come up with the plan to save Elena and bonnie from Klaus when he was posing Alaric
19. Damon feed Elena his blood, so she can have a chance of coming back (even she doesn't want to come back as a vampire) but at least it's a shoot

20. Damon made Katherine tell him where Klaus kept Caroline & Tyler

21. Damon didn't kill matt even though he could have

22. Damon saved both Caroline & Tyler

23. Damon saved Caroline yet again, when Tyler attacked while he was turning, and got bitten in the process.

24. Damon told Caroline and matt to hide in a safe, sicher place.

25. Damon went to Klaus welling and knowing that he will be either killed oder sacrificed.