"He deeply values his friendship with Rose, and he seems to want to protect her." - Cameron Monaghan

"Playing Lissa was the most thrilling, terrifying, uplifting, fulfilling, surprising, and experience of my life." - Lucy Fry

"Rose’s humor is as brutal as her fighting skills. She’s someone who I would not want to mess with." - Zoey Deutch

"Zoey and I also became close Friends and had a lot of fun on and off the set. It was incredible." - Danila Kozlovsky

"It was so easy to work with her (Lucy) that I never felt uneasy. It was amazing. I had butterflies." - Dominic Sherwood

"Mason is the same cheeky bastard he was in the novels. I feel his attitude and persona are very true to the book." - Cameron Monaghan

"She (Zoey Deutch) has amazing talent, she is gorgeous, a true professional, and a very good friend." - Danila Kozlovsky