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20.Bart Vs.Thanksgving
This episode is the first to really test the relationship between Bart and Lisa; The centerpiece dispute gets way blown out of proportion, Bart, convinced he's in the right, not letting up and apologisng to his sister, who, in turn, maybe does overreact slightly.The roof scene is one of my faviroute Simpson scenes though;It shows Bart cares very much for his little sister, and, when Lisa kisses Bart and they hug, that part melts my herz x3

19.Lost our Lisa
This was the first episode i saw that i was old enough to remember well.It also has the infamous Cherrypicker scene,...
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Here are 20 essential things I've learned from Homer Simpson. I've included the names and dates of the original "Simpsons" episodes when it was easy to find them. When it wasn't, I didn't.

Just like Homer would do.

1. If Du go to a Japanese restaurant and order that delicacy, the blowfish ... and if the blowfish is not prepared exactly right ... it becomes poisonous and Du die 24 hours after eating it. ("One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish," 1991.) I don't know if this is actually true, but it was on a TV cartoon show, so that's good enough for me.

2. Du can goof off as much as Du want...
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One thing we Liebe about the Simpsons is they have the ability to make any situation entertaining – even household insurance! In Season 20 Homer forgot to send off his insurance payment and had to keep the Simpsons’ Springfield Home accident-free until the coverage was reinstated later that day. Luckily Adrian Flux will E-Mail and let Du know when your policy needs to be renewed, saving any Simpsons-esque dramas.

But Homer may have to work a few extra shifts at the power plant to foot his Home insurance bill. The Simpson family have a history of Zurück claims and live in an unsafe area....
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