Die Simpsons Episode Idea

mikesss posted on Oct 31, 2018 at 06:42PM
I know I’m not the first, and not being sure how to get my idea recognized by the right people, I’m hoping someone can help me.

Taking into mind the insurgents’ of microbreweries, here is what I was thinking of this as a possible storyline for an episode:

• Duff closes its doors turns out their biggest sales were in Springfield and their biggest client was Moe’s
• After a huge ad campaign, still nothing

• Homer disappointed

• Lenny and c
Carl, being engineers and with a few extra bucks, buy the recipe for a song from a bankrupt Duff and open up a microbrewery in an secret spot (the backroom at Moe’s)
• Home reminiscing on past business ventures opts out and stay at the plant

• Other possible scenarios:
Duffman becomes a lackey at the brewery
Homer becomes the new Duffman
Bart’s alcoholism becomes more evident (as portrayed in the movie)
Duff becomes a bestseller countrywide (or fail by the end of the episode)
Hutz defends duff and wins his first case, then looses in appeal


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