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Fan fiction by delgadoleslie posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Season 4, Episode 12
Airing: August 29, 2011

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Jack tries to reconnect with Grace while working on a project for school. Elsewhere, George notices that Anne and Nora have been bonding.

Genre: Teen, Drama, Family, abc-family
ABC Family Just about every teenager at one time oder another feels like an outsider, as if nobody in the world understands them, especially their parents. This series focuses on the complex relationships between teenagers and their families. The series goes an additional layer deep Von dealing with the issue of teen pregnancy and the fallout among the teens and their friends.
Article by Eleana posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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001. Because he loved her from first sight.
002. Because he offered to marry her at 15.
003. Because he loved her, even though she is having someone else's baby.
004. Because he treats her well.
005.Because we all want a boyfriend like Ben!
006. Because she's his whore.
007. Because he doesn't want her to shut him out.
008. Because he'll never change his mind.
009. Because he's not sorry about their datum to the fair
010. Because he called her cell, her house phone, left a note in her locker, and sent her a text.
011. Because he admits he can be an idiot.
012. Because she's the one he tells his secrets to.
013. Because he's giving her a choice.
014. Because the offer of marriage is good for a lifetime.
015. Because he wants to be her prince.
016. Because his Liebe for her is everything.
017. Because what she looks like doesn't matter to him.
018. Because she's the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with.
Article by Summer-Park posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Omg guys secret life is coming back!
I am so excited!!!
Its on much and im so pissed i can't remember what day
But all i know is ricky and amy get back together!!!
Cant wait im going to like kill my couch when i watch it!
So dont forget to watch
the damn show!!!
Life can change when Du make a bad mistake but
it all turns out okay so dont worry if Du were someone like amy have faith
omg that sounds so lame!
This is going to be the best can't wait
dont forget to watch pretty little liars and gossip girl
Best shows ever!!!!
Article by KateSmiley posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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In one Tag a life can change
and only Du can decide if it is for the better
and although sometimes it might seem strange
Du relize its up to Du to make it better

When Du hold that little bundle of joy
Du must Forget that rotten boy
that left Du when Du needed him most
to suck the herz out of his Weiter host

SO take this wonderful gift Du recieved
and teach her not to be decieved
for Du Liebe her no matter what
so Shut Shut Shut
the door to her herz must go until your ready
to let her go

THis time may be hard for family and friends
but the wounds in your herz will surely mend
and while your time being young seemed so brief
dont lengthen time now with all the grief

She says goodbye and so do You
and both of Du
know that Du share a Liebe thats true
Guide by aneedham99 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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ok so i went to and guess what SECRET LIFE IS COMING BACK JUNE 7 !!!!! ok so here is what the abcfamily Artikel sagte ......................

Yes, after months of wondering, we finally have an answer. Amy Juergens, Ricky Underwood, and everyone else from "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" will be back on ABC Family at 8/7c on Monday, June 7.

Stay tuned here at, where we'll be getting Du back up to speed with a countdown well before the Zeigen returns. And Du can start your own countdown right now, since all the episodes are available in our free episode player. Have a look!

JUNE 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

can't wait can u ?????

I <3 secret life

DON'T FORGET JUNE 7TH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Article by cleobiggestfan posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Hey i am phoebe senon reporting to Du
teenage pregnancy.

well today we have got example 2 girl s
1 called amy and another called Juno
1 got pregnant at 15 other 16 what
happend well amy.

amy got pregnant at 15 she hade a baby with
rikki and hade a boy named John so know we
see did she do the right thing i dont think
so u guys mum would kill and that s for amy
unless like parents will support me now juno

got pregnant at 16 Von a boy and i dont know
much at this story

Fan fiction by HarryPLover posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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I starred down at the skinny "liar" in my hands.I couldn't be pregnant.Pregnancy test could be wrong right?At that moment I didn't know whether i should scream oder pass out."What happened to perfect little Annie?" I thought to myself."The one who had gotten into a ivy league school and would be attending in the fall?Well she was gone now,along with her virginity."
In case Du hadn't figured it out already,I'm Annie,Annie Green and I'm PREGNANT!Shivers went down my spine as the words echoed in my head.This was my fault;and Emett's of course.Emett is the "thing's" father."That's even if I have a "thing" inside of me."I guess we should of used a condom?That doesn't even matter now,because its too late.
"Binnnnnnggg"!My herz jumped as i heard the glocke ring.Now that i think about it,maybe school wasn't the best place to test whether oder not I would have another human-being inside of me.Yeah,too late for that too.
I don't even know how to baby sit let alone have one of my own.Being only 17(turning 18 in 3 months)I don't know how to walk oder sit now,do I keep playing sports?Do I tell Emett?No,i can't,i mean i would tell him but not here and definitely not now.
Opinion by snipestara posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Amy juergens wheres it in an episode of the secret liife of an american teenager but i cannot find it anywhere! Here's a picture if Du can find it E-Mail me at
Please help i jhave been searching everywhere, somebody out there has to have it! please please please help me find it! much thanks! I found similiar ones at delias but they are not the same the one has a open pocket and the buttons are all black....THANKS! Mehr pictures at ------------------------------------------------------------------->link
Opinion by Pearland16 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Ok, so everyone keeps saying, "oh, Amy and Ricky are so cute together! They should totally be dating! Lalala!" Guess what?! The only reason that they are involved in each others' lives is because Ricky took advantage of her one night at band camp. She was an innocent, vulnerable little virgin, and being the player that he is, he knew that. He manipulated her and pressured her, not because he liked her, but to prove that he could. It might not be his fault, because his dad abused him and all, but it is his problem. Plus, they are not each others' type. Ricky does like to have sex with anyone who he can get his hands on, but Amy isn't like that. Adrienne is, though. Face the facts, Adrienne is in Liebe with him, and he definitely has feelings for her.
Opinion by bumblebee287 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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1.Condoms Ok 1st do u think tht schools should give away condoms in sciene class?I think that if Du give away condoms tht thats like telling people tht its ok to have sex and its not!I mean I might and thats a big might encorage them to have condoms in the front office because sometimes its hard 4 ppl to go to stores and buy a condom its embaresing so ppl tht need condoms should be able to get them without being to embaressed but again i dnt think they should pass them out please leave a coment on wat u thik speak your mind no need toagree with me

2.Sex I dnt think its ok to hve sex randomly youneed to plan and know wat your doing and know the consecueses i belive in sex after marriage but alot of ppl dnt and thouse r the ppl tht need to plan because diseases pregnantsy and Mehr cn happen to u if Du dnt know wat your doin dnt be afraid to say NO!or Wait lets talk about this.all im saying is be carfull with sex sex is a serious thing.again please leave a comment.
Fan fiction by aexis123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Opening Scene- Amy, is in the room still asleep and baby John is still in Ricky's arms. John, begins to cry hysterically and Ricky tries to quiet him, too late Amy wakes up.
-Opening Credits-
(Comercial break)
John- Waaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa
Ricky- Shh shh little guy your going to wake mommy up.
Amy stretches and freaks out when she notices Ricky. Ricky rocks little John to sleep again.

Amy- Get Out!!! Du can't just walk in my room like that and expect me to let Du stay. Sure I understand Du want to see your son but, go to school be something, do something else.
Ricky puts John in the korbwiege, bassinet, stubenwagen and runs out the door. Amy slams the door and changes Johns formula and runs downstairs to get Johns bottle for him. Anne is downstairs fixing pancakes.
Anne- Hello Ames how was your mourning?
Amy- Sleepy... I can't seem to get any sleep any Mehr with John around.
Anne- Well that is to be expected with newborn babies. I remember when Du were born you...
Opinion by bRiNnAyCuLlEn posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Okay, so, I am seriously considering killing my TV. I have three TV shows I watch: 90210, House, and Secret Life of the American teenager.
In Secret Life, Amy is like "Oh my god, I can't handle this, I can't handle this!!!" Grow UP!!! When Du decided to have sex, Du decided to risk having a baby. That simple. Oh yeah, and of course RICKY'S DAD!!! *SELLING* the child??? NO!!! And calling Ricky a liar when he's NOT. That' horrible.
In 90210, Ethan is possibly dead, at the VERY least badly injured, and we don't get to find out for TWO WEEKS!!! Dixon dumped Silver, and though I can't say I blame him, she still didn't deserve that, especially so suddenly.
And of course House. At first I was simply pissed that no Huddy stuff has been going on, and now it looks like they're trying to kill Cuddy off!!! NO!!! Fourteen is rapidly developing, which is just another sign of the Apocalypse. Foreman doees not deserve anyone! He is a horrible monstrosity. The baby storyline is idiotic. I miss Stacy so much.
Opinion by maxy19678 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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amy pregnant teen
on stay this is what i found... When it comes to teens snd sex teens get tons of Guter Rat from adults, but they aren't often asked to offer their we asked teens from all over the country what they thought about sex,relationships,and pregnancy below are their oben, nach oben ten opinions and answers...

*Thinking"It won't happen to me,"is stupid;if Du don't protect yourself it probably will.Sex Is Serious Make A Plan.
*Just because Du think"Everyone's doimg it,"doesn't mean they are.some are some aren't-and some are lying.
*There are alot of good reasons to say"No not yet."Protecting your feelings is one of them.
*You're in charge of your own life-don't let anyone pressure Du into having sex.
*You can always say"NO" even though Du said"YES" before.
*Carrying a condom is just being smart-it doesn't mean Du are pushy oder easy.
*If Du think birth control ruins the mood think about what a pregnancy test will do to it.
*Don't do something that yoyu might really regret.
Opinion by ilovedaren posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Most people dont know it but when Du have unpretected sex it could affect Du deeply. Du could be like amy and get pregnat oder Du could get a disease. There is a girl i know that is pregnat and she knows that she made a mistake. Im helping her through it Von being there for her and if your smart and dont want to be changeing diapers for ever thanb Du wont make the same mistake. MOst people fell like they should have sex in high school because they are being peer presured of fell tempted. The truth is that kyou have to stay away from those temptations. whe n and if Du have sex use a condom! condoms are there for a reason and so is birth control. They are there so Du dont have ot push out a baby nine months later. Leave a Kommentar and talk about this important issue.:)
Article by maxy19678 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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abortion is wrong and if u agree with what i am about to say u will leave a comment...abortion is a crime and so is murrder but murrder can get u sent to jail but i believe that abortion should also because the only difference is that with murrder u r killing something that has had time to live but with abortion u r killing someone who has NOT had a chance to live. now i believe that abortion is wrong but...DO YOU? so now at the bottom dicide if amy should keep and raise her baby oder have an abortion.tell me in a Kommentar oder go to picks
Article by maxy19678 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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this is what amy was whispering about her secret
we saw him. who? who?mark malena. the new counseler the new single dilicious counseler. oh. oh?u have something Mehr exciting than mark malena? she's kinda cute who is that? no u didn't. with who? u couldn't have. how was it? imposible. back to who. i just...i can't believe u didn't tell us. telling u now. yeah well why are u telling us now? no. oh amy ur not. that's the 2nd glocke i have to go. we can't just go to class now. well i have to. i have to too i mean i think i'm already in anough trouble as it is with out skipping class. i have to go see ya guys. hi i was watching u and... . hey.

JULY 1 2008