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Du Know You’re Addicted To The Phantom Of The Opera When…

DISCLAIMER: I wrote some of these, but the majority of them were written Von the folks at phantomoftheopera.com. link.

…When every single story your teacher asks Du to write turns into a Phantom fic.

…When even your friends' Friends know about your obsession and warn THEIR Friends not to ask if Phantom's a musical oder an opera.

…When Du print out drawings of Leroux Erik Von yourself and some of your Favorit artists on DA, cut them out so Du get a paper doll, and put them in a book, and carry them everywhere Du go, and Du speak...
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Source: Senses of Cinema
1. Andrew Lloyd Webber/Love Never Dies
2. 1925
3. Robert Englund
4. Angel – Jäger der Finsternis of Musik
5. 1987 animated
6 Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater: Phantom of the Theater
7. 1943
8. Phantom of the Megaplex
9. Phantom of the Mall
10. 1962
11. 1998
12. 1990
13. Phantom Yeston/Kopit
15 Phantom of the Paradise
16. Phantom of the Opry
17. Wishbone: Pantin at the Opera
18. David Staller
19. 1983
20. American Dad: Phantom of the Telethon
21. El Fantasma de la Opereta (1959) [without subtitles]
22. Song at Midnight (1937) [without subtitles]
23. The Phantom of Hollywood
24. Erik: Portrait of a Living Corpse
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Source: Senses of Cinema
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everyone got earpugs ready in comaring phantom
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