Das Phantom der Oper Successful Entertainment "The Phantom of the Opera"

onthebroadway posted on Jul 23, 2010 at 06:16AM
The Phantom of The Opera has been based on the French novel that has been penned by the talented and the famous Gaston Leroux. The respective novel had proven to be a huge success all across the world and its musical has been viewed by more than 125 million people, which has made it the single most successful entertainment entity in the entire history of Broadway.
To date it has been translated into 15 languages, and the show has performed in more than 25 different countries and has bagged a staggering fifty awards all across the globe. Further its global album sales have exceeded 40 million copies. The Phantom of the Opera had made its debut at the venue of the London’s Her Majesty’s Theatre in the year 1986 and had featured stars Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford as its leads. It celebrated its 24th birthday on the 9th of October in the year 2009. This is the most entertaining broadway show if you want to see the phantom of the opera show so you can buy the link and get the real fun.
The respective musical has been a huge hit owing to its romantic grandeur that is simply unbeatable. It is not the longest-running musical in the history of Broadway for nothing. In fact this musical manages to touch its audience in such a way that is much unexpected. Say for instance, if you have lost somebody who you loved? Then in that case Christine’s second act that is titled “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again,” is sure to knock you flat.

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