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TheSpaceNinja posted on Dec 29, 2013 at 12:21AM
One thing I LOVE about the Phan community is that you guys are one of the most productive communities of people. You guys are constantly coming up with new ideas for Phantom stuff, and keeping the Phantom franchise up and running for more than 104 years, as it's been 104 years since the book was first published. That (long introduction) being said, I'm very curious to hear what all of you are working on, on he subject of Phantom. As soon as I know what you guys are working on, collaborations could begin, and we could all support and help each other, and, if needed, things could be sent or passed to each other for help. So please, I'm quite curious, what Phantom stuff are you guys working on?

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr TBUGoth said…
Right now I'm just hoping more people will answer my polls, so I can write a book on Phandom.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr _AngelOfMusic_ said…
I'm making a short film based on Susan Kay's book. :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wanderingchild7 said…
As I'm going to learn french language and literature in universtity I would like to officially retranslate the Leroux novel into Hungarian. We already have a translation but it is quite incorrect at most points.
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