Erik and Christine.
Hi guys, I'm going to compare the original novel and the stage musical that popularise the former.

The Novel

When I first read the book, I was taken aback about how the story was different from the musical. It starts with Joseph Buquet's mysterious death, which was officially ruled as a suicide.
Raoul was a very unlikable character in the novel unlike the musical counterpart, he is always angry with Christine and his relationship with Philippe, his elder brother was really explosive due to disapproval over his relationship with Christine.
Erik still remains the same and in the novel, he's also appears to be jealous to the point of killing Raoul in the final lair, including the Persian. At one point, I Liebe how Leroux describes his jealous nature when Erik overhears the young couple talking about him at the Paris Opera House rooftop clinging onto Apollo's Lyre.
Finally, the final chapters did not have a mob going after Erik. Instead, he tells the Persian of the couple's whereabouts and what he had done with them. A few weeks later, the Persian receives news from the Epoque that 'Erik is dead'.

The Musical

So, the musical is Mehr straightforward comparing to the original novel. It opens with an auction that takes place at the Paris Opera House, several of the characters still remains the same with the exception of Raoul, Christine and the Phantom.
The Persian and Philippe make no appearance in the musical, the managers knew that the Phantom really exists in Act 2.
Talking about the costumes, I must give kudos to the late Maria Bjornsson for her vivid and vibrant outfits. My most favourite is the Red Death during the Masquerade scene in Act 2.
Finally, I cried during the ending because the Phantom mysteriously vanished, leaving us ambiguous as to what really happen to him including both Raoul and Christine afterwards.

At the Level of Your Eye

If Du are a Fan of the musical, go ahead and read the book, then go and see the musical as well as the movie.
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