Hi everyone, it's been coming to 9 years since I watched the musical in Singapore. I have always want to write this review of the stage version since I had did a comparison on both the movie and stage version!

The Staging

I was stunned Von the staging because it was such a spectacular, colourful and whimsical, I also like how each scenes represent dark & light throughout the musical. It was like bringing the realism of what it's like of Palais de Garnier, on which the story is set.
One of my major disappointments was that I did not sit in front where the dramatic chandelier came crashing down during the end of the First Act, but I heard in the Australian production, it is even scarier compare to other productions depending on where Du are staying.

The Songs

The songs are very memorable, but my favourites are Musik of the Night and Masquerade. The former was a romantic song that is overrated whereas the latter is very colourful and fun to watch!
I cried my herz out at the ending when Christine ends with Raoul and the Phantom moans over it when he sang the lines 'It's over the Musik of the Night', poor Phantom that he has no happy ending.

The Characters

The characters themselves are very fun to watch, especially Carlotta and Piangi, I was very sad that the latter died after discovering that Don Juan is actually Phantom and I also feel bad for Carlotta as well despite her jealous tendencies.
As mentioned, I feel bad for the Titel character because he needs Liebe and I wonder why he chase both Raoul and Christine out during the Final Lair scene.

The Costumes

Like the staging, the costumes also represent light & darkness throughout the musical. One thing exceptional is the Red Masque costume during the Masquerade scene in which the Phantom wore, this is distinguish himself from the rest.
During the majority of the story, he wears a tuxedo and in Stranger Than Du Dream It. He wears a Chinese jacke and hat, which is one of my favourite costume out of the musical.


So far, this is all I can remember. I even have the full recording of it onto my iPod.
Your spirit and my voice!