I saw The Phantom of the Opera when I was 12, and I heard the Original London Cast Recording of Liebe Never Dies when I was 16. Von then my life had gone through some MAJOR changes. For one thing my Dad died 2.75 months after I saw The Phantom of the Opera on stage (believe it oder not) and my life was continuing to get worse, so my personality like the characters in "Love Never Dies" changed with life. What I'm trying to say is "Misery loves company" especially from close friends. When I was 13 I had read "The Phantom of Manhattan" so it was not a surprise to me when Christine died. :(!

In a class called "Working with Young Children" I learned that If a child is born less than a Jahr into a marriage it most likely falls apart, which contributes WHY Christine chooses the Phantom. Furthermore, Gustave's attraction to music, and also having the same concept of beauty as the Phantom, can be explained Von the existence of the Hobby Gene. This means that because both of his parents like music, he is Mehr likely to as well.

Also gambling was beliebt among rich people during the time that the Phantom of the Opera was set. This would most likely result in a lower income, which would put stress on Raoul and Christine's marriage, Which would contribute to WHY Christine chooses the Phantom. Raoul in the original novel is immature and immature people are impulsive, and do things like drink too much, and gamble. I know that the dates between "Love Never Dies" and the auction at the beginning of "The Phantom of the Opera are correct because alcoholism causes premature aging, Von reducing the amount of collagen, (which is what makes your skin look young) Von reducing amount of the antioxidant vitamin A which is important in slowing down the signs of aging

But what Meg sagte before she shot her sounded JUST like I was feeling Von the time I was 16. (added to that my relationship with my sister had gone tough the same stages as Meg and Christine's in "Love Never Dies" the Australian production in the past eight years at the time) but I HADN'T killed anybody. Why? Because our undying Liebe we've had since we were children, for our family (including pets) friends, jobs,our Favorit media, hobbies, and interests, and ourselves enables us not to change when change is making our world fall apart around us, even over a period as long as ten years. We are the same people we always were because Liebe never dies that's what misery causing change taught me, and "Love Never Dies" affirmed. When I saw the DVD The blocking for "Please Miss Giry I Want to go Back" made it look like Meg MEANT to shoot Christine. Also she has UNTREATED Bipolar Disorder, and has these symptoms:

1. Feeling unusually “high” and optimistic oder extremely irritable
2. Unrealistic, grandiose beliefs about one’s abilities oder powers
3. Sleeping very little, but feeling extremely energetic
4. Racing thoughts; jumping quickly from one idea to the Weiter
5. Impaired judgment and impulsiveness
6. Schauspielen recklessly without thinking about the consequences
7. Delusions and hallucinations (in severe cases)

I now know why I didn't kill, because I got the emotional support and Liebe Meg didn't get from "Love Never Dies", and with out it I definitely wouldn't be where I am right now.