The Pack Of Merida - Legende der Highlands Souls Club
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 This sillhouette is HUGE!
This sillhouette is HUGE!
Sharpfang woke up at the sound of roaring. As he stretched, he saw a black sillhouette of a large creature. He barked in alarm. "DAWNCLOUD! BLUESHINE! There is a black bear! We MUST chase it out!" Blueshine nodded in agreement. "We must do it NOW, oder we will be chased out for sure!" Sharpfang charged at the bear. As the three went seprate ways to coner the bear, Sharpfang beared his teeth. "Go away! Never come back!" But the bär just smacked Sharpfang, and as quick as a heartbeat, Sharpfang was on the ground, breathing furiously. "Sharpfang!" Blueshine snarled at the bear, which was only a...
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