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 dallas winston
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This Die Outsider foto contains maschendrahtzaun and kettenglied.

heres yet another poem that i wrote. enjoy!

i cried when i looked at the sky
it reminded me of Du
my tears were hot with Liebe
and affection for Du

i want Du so bad, honey
youre all ive ever wanted
but i guess thats too much to ask
God wont give me you, im haunted

so i stay up at night with Du Von my side
but thats only a dream
its never anything real
baby, i wish Du knew me

if only Du were real in my reality
youre real in my imaginatin
but Tagträumen isnt enough
i want your affection

i really do wish Du knew who i am
but your Liebe i will never get
your affection i will never feel
but, before, we HAVE met

i read about your story
and i truly am sorry
Du suffered a great loss and your pain i feel
and i wanted to say to you: Ponyboy, Du are the Autor of your own life story
I slowly maid my way into the local greaser hang out, I sat at the bar. I was new in town, and I didn't know anyone, I got a Dr. Pepper, and headed back out. I wasn't watching were I was going, and bumped into someone, I figured it was a Soc, so I jumped back up ready to fight.
"Watch it Soc!" I yelled, and the young boy I'd ran into stood.
"I ain't no Soc....Who are you?" He asked, I looked down. The boy looked about fourteen, and had dark brown-reddish hair, his eyes were green-gray. He wore a light blue haube jacket, and blue jeans, he had a black gürtel on.
"I'm Babydoll Rose." I informed with...
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 the whole fictional outsiders gang...but if they are in my world, are they REALLY fictional?
the whole fictional outsiders gang...but if they are in my world, are they REALLY fictional?
*The Whole Outsiders Gang*

i stood on the corner of Wallace and Kurf at 2 in the afternoon with Ponyboy, Dallas, and Johnny and waited for Sodapop and Darry Curtis, Two-Bit Mathews, and Steve Randle, a little pissed. Du wanna know why i have to wait on a straße corner for fictional boys while mad? i'll tell you:

four hours earlier--

"oh, yeah," Ponyboy said. "i should probably tell Du that Johnny and Dally and i have to go meet the gang." we were eating breakfast. i gagged and almost choked on my toast. i didnt think i heard him right.

"what?" i asked.

"we have to go meet my brothers Soda and...
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The car was starting to pull into the park. "Should we run?", Johnny asked, shaking with fear. "No, just stay cool.", Ponyboy replied. He was shaking to, but that could've been because he was cold. "Hey, wadaya guys know?",Bod asked, "Aren't these the greasers that were walking around town with our women?" He was drunk. So were the other four. "Hey, you're outta your territory. Du better watch it.", I warned. "No pal, Du guys better watch it.", sagte the black haired one. His name was Randy. "You know what greasers are? White trash with long greasy hair.", Bob said. That hit me like a ton...
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When I got home, it was 10:30. Ponyboy had to be Home in an hour. I hope he's not late. Darry was in the chair Lesen the newspaper, while Soda was lounging on the couch watching the news. I went to my room and read for a little while. oder so I thought it was a little while. It was 12:00! I hope Ponyboy is home. I went out to the front room to see if he was there. Uh-Oh, he's not here. What's Darry gonna do? I looked over and Darry had a look of worry and anger on his face. Man, Ponyboy is gonna be toast! Another half Stunde went Von and Ponyboy was still not home. Darry kept thinking about calling...
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The Outsiders is all about two gangs.The greasers and the socs.In the book the greasers are located on the east side of town and the socs are located on the south side of town.Some of the greasers are Ponyboy,Johnny,Dally,Darry,Steve,Sodapop,and Kieth(aka Two-Bit).Some of the socs names are Randy,Bob,and Cherry.Even though some of us don't like them I still have to put them in.It is a really good movie and book.this book has happy parts and sad parts,but,we all just have to get through it together.Like when Johnny kills Bob.Thats a happy part.the sad parts are when Johnny and Dally die.well that is all about the outsiders to learn Mehr read the book and watch the movie.
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Du put your head in your hands and breathe deeply. How where Du going to tell him? Du had gotten the phone call today.

Du were actually close to Soda. Danny played with Grace and Logan all the time. Du couldn’t even begin to imagine how they felt.

Du hear the front door open. Darry was Home now. Du take another deep breath, and sit at the küche table.

Just breathe.

He walks into the kitchen. “Hey babe, what’s wrong?” He asks, setting down his wallet and keys.

Du swallow. “I got a call.” Is all Du manage to say.

“About?” He asks, eyebrows raised.

“Soda’s dead.” Du blurt out.

The look on Darry’s face would haunt your memory for the rest of your life.

He just sat down on the floor in pure shock, mouth open, eyes wide.
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The Weiter few days were good Ponyboy and I would sneek off to KISS and to Liebe on eachother.If anyone saw us they never sagte anything,to us oder Darry.I injoyed being with Ponyboy he makes me feel safe, sicher and loved and wanted.
One Tag while Ponyboy and I were sitting on the couch talking Darry came in and looked at us."Why do Du to think that Du have to sneek around to be together.We all know that Du to are dating."Darry and going to the bedroom smiling becaues he knows that he realy embarsses us.We looked at eachother and smiled to Darry was a nut.
The gang agreed to it to they thought...
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Both of the teachers came over with a confused look on there faces. "Ponyboy Curtis!" "Y/N L/N!" The two of Du pulled away to see both your teachers mad. "Come to my classroom" Pony's teacher said. One teacher was in front, and the other was in back. Du walked to Pony's teachers classroom. "Sit down" he sagte and pointed to two seats. He sat on oben, nach oben of the schreibtisch in front of Du two. Your teacher stood up Von Pony's teacher. "You do relies Du can't do that in class?" "We'll if we could we wouldn't be here right now" Du sagte and rolled your eyes. "Don't talk back young lady" Pony's teacher said....
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Du went to your locked then to class. Du walked alone. Du sat down in your class. The glocke rang as the teacher walked in. "Class we are going to the library" she said. Du all got in line to walk to the library. Du got there and started to look at the books. That's all Du were going to do in that class. Libraries reminded Du of Pony. How he admired Bücher so much. Du turned around to check out a book. Du ran into someone as Du turned around. Du looked up to see Ponyboy. He smiled down at Du as Du smirked back. "What are Du doing here"? "My class came down to" he said. "Oh cool"...
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Du groan and turn over. Du had the flu. Du were really sore,tired, and cold. Du thought nothing could make Du feel better.

“Hey, (Y/N), Du hungry?” Your boyfriend Soda asks from the doorway.

Du shake your head. “I’m just cold.” Du sniffle.

“Well that can be fixed.” He says smiling.

He gets onto the bed, and snuggles close to you, and puts all the blankets on oben, nach oben of you.

“Soda, you’re gonna get sick and…”

“I don’t care… All I care about is you, and that you’re gonna feel better.”
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