Now I understand why Rebekah is doing what she’s doing trying to get/take control from underneath her brother (Klaus) she has every right to that, she doing something to stop Klaus’s abusive actions and behavior and I even support her. What I don’t understand oder disappointed me in her is that she’s turning against Elijah the brother who loved her unconditionally and always wanted her to be happy, yes he’s sticking Von Klaus and is helping and has always stuck Von Klaus in the past (so did she when Klaus was against Elijah in the past) but he HONESLY believes it’s the only way to have his broken family put back together. I really HATED when she sagte manipulated Von Elijah when did Elijah ever manipulate anyone that’s not his family, oder anyone for that matter he’s not Klaus oder Rebekah. He makes deals, deals that would benefit both parties that would keep both parties at a peace state, yes he does sometime break these deals but circumstances that he didn’t foresee happen and he breaks his deals for his family’s sake always for his family’s sake.

Now he a made a deal with Davina to help her control her powers Von giving her spells from his mother’s witch books. Which he horned at the beginning and might have slacked off on it lately but um... Hello he was too busy being bitten Von his brother and suffering from it then he was busy trying to help Hayley is that so bad? NO. “Yes, that’s what they call me, and yet I followed my brother here to New Orleans to engage in a war so I ask Du does that sound honorable to you?” Elijah never called himself honorable, he never claimed to be perfect person/vampire oder one who doesn’t make mistakes. That’s just what people expect from him because he’s calm, reasonable, fair person, he tries his best and sometimes he makes mistakes like everybody. Putting that aside he did NOT WRONG Davina oder LIE to her, he made clear to her that he would do ANYTHING to protect his family that they may call him honorable but he’s not 100% at all times honorable “and YET I followed my brother here to New Orleans to engage in a WAR so I ask Du does that SOUND HONORABLE to you?”. So how dare her to call him a liar he did NOT lie to her he was honest and very clear with her. Again putting that aside he KILLED the ONLY thing that was making her HIDE like some weak little girl, in which Marcel was actually USING her for her powers, Von killing the ONLY threat against her she was FREE, he FREEED her it’s Marcel and Klaus who took ADVANTAGE of her USED her like a WEAPON. All of this USING Davina is Marcel & Klaus NOT Elijah; Elijah is actually the ONLY one who wants to REALLY help her/save her even Rebekah who claims that all girls should stick together is USING her to overthrow Klaus & Marcel.

and now NOT only did Davina treat him like shit, his sister is actually plotting AGAINST him, NOT only that the girl that he been NOTHING but NICE, CARING, UNDERSTADING with has BETRAYED him too, but no it doesn’t end there the women he loved turned out to be some kind of EVIL that threatens everything and everyone. It’s beyond unfair this man he done NOTHING but TRY and do the RIGHT thing for his FAMILY and INNOCENT people, he inured his brother betraying him repeatedly, he has inured losing that people he loves and cares about simply because they loved him back, he has inured “friends” and the woman he loved betraying him (Elena betrayed him Mehr than once, so did Katherine) he has inured his mother & father trying to kill him and his siblings, he has inured his siblings always being in the opposite of each other, and still throughout ALL of that he STILL sees GOOD in the people who don’t appreciate him he NEVER gives up hope on the people he loves, cares about oder on humanity and this what he gets in return, a sister plotting against him because he’s TRYING to help their psychotic brother TRYING to redeem him , a brother who doesn’t appreciate him and doesn’t see how much he scarified for his sake , a girl calling him a liar, a women betraying him after treating her like a member of his family for a “family” she DOESN’T EVEN KNOW and has ABANDONED her , and a woman he loved truing up to be evil this sound FAIR to anyone??.

I really hope they make him have a break down oder something because if anyone deserve to be have it is Elijah, better yet he should just leave them all and make people realize how much he has made their lives better.

I know this episode was all about women taking a stand and everything because they were bullied Von men and I’m not saying they didn’t have a right to stand up for themselves and I support that but they are NOT the ones who were wronged the most, because that “prize” goes to Elijah who has been/ still is wronged Von everyone both men and women, and he’s the one who deserves Mehr than Rebekah, Camiie, Hayley, Davina, and Sophie for someone to stand up for him because he NEVER will stand up for himself no matter how much people SCREW him over and treat him like shit.