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 Rigsby & transporter, van Pelt
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transporter, van pelt
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This The Mentalist foto contains porträt, kopfbild, nahaufnahme, portrait, headshot, and kopfschuss. There might also be bademantel.

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 Liebe is forever. Unless Patrick Jane says something stupid
Love is forever. Unless Patrick Jane says something stupid
I'm so freakin' sorry it took me so long to write this chapter!!!! I'm working on my latest novel and had NO TIME for this. I still cry every night 'cause i DONT OWN THE MENTALIST!!!!

" Thanks for making me go out tonight Jane. I had.... fun." Lisbon sagte to Jane at the steps of her apartment.
" Me too." Jane had that 'I'm gonna pull something but Du don't know what the heck it is' look. Lisbon stepped a little bit closer.
" We should do this again sometime. Just Du and me." she took another step forward. Jane didnt seem to notice the gap between them that Lisbon...
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