The Maze Runner Who/What is your... (book or/and Movie)

Blacklillium posted on Jun 14, 2015 at 03:21PM
I've seen this kind of questions in others clubs so i think this club could have one too. you can answer all or some of the questions in one day or just a few whatever you like.
ps: you can suggest a new question

Who/What is your... (book or/and Movie)

1. Favorite Male Character:
2. Favorite Female Character:
3. Favorite male Character from Group B:
4. Favorite Female Character from Group B:
5. Favorite minor character:
6. Least Favorite Male Character:
7. Least Favorite Female Character:
8. Favorite Couple:
9. Least Favorite Couple:
10. Ship you just don't get:
11. Couple that you wish could have happened
12. Favorite Book:
13. Least Favorite Book:
14. Favorite Quote:
15. Favorite scene:
16. Which scene made you cry?
17. Which scene made you laugh?
18. A question you wish had been answered in the book:
19. If you could have saved one character, who would it be? & why?
20. If you could kill one of the survivors Who would it be? & why?
21. If you could change one plot point, what would it be? Why?
22. If you could do a reassignment, who would you pick as the Real Leader, Glue, Leader, Betrayer?
23. Character you'd date?
24. Which character are you most like?
25. Favorite MR meme

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