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 Simba's pride
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Kopa got up and shook his body to life. He bounced over to his mum, Nala, and pressed his paw up against her face in an attempt to awaken her. Her eyes fluttered open and she mumbled something under her breath.
"Mum, can I go out to play?" Kopa put on a cheesy grin,"Pu-leeaasee?"
"Your just like your father"
"So is that a yes?"
"Go ahead, but be careful, because if your anything like your father, I'm sure you'll get yourself into lots of mischief!"
Kopa bounded out of the cave opening and strait down into the grassy Savannah. As he was running through the gras, grass he saw a big rock which reminded...
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LION KING 4 - If gegeben a chance

The sun was rising above the skyline shining all over the kingdom.
Simba was watching over the Pride lands from the summit of the Pride Rock with a very solemn expression. Nala came Weiter to him having the same solemn look. Something was going on.
Kovu came out of the cave taking a deep breath. Simba turned around and told him:
“It is time.“
Kiara appeared at the entrance of the cave with tears in her eyes:
“It’s time for Du to take your place in the kreis of life! “
Meanwhile, the lionesses came out of the cave and set on both...
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ok i think that vitani's parents is Scar and Nala please don't get angry personally i don't like Scar and Nala together but it would make seance. Hear is what think what happened in the first draft simba was going to be a teen when he left so Nala would have been as well also Nala was meant to have a little brother Mheetu well when Scar was king he could of bribed nala to mate with him saying that he wouldn't kill him.

That's my my first reason my Sekunde reason is that vitani looks Mehr like nala then zira color wise fur, eye and nose color.

so what do Du think
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Jimmy Cliff - Lebo M - Hakuna Matata. Musik Von Elton John, Lyrics Von Tim Rice.
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