Kopa and Simba
I wrote the whole thing myself and i am hoping this is gonna be good.

*The Lion King 3: The return of kopa*

*Part 1*

The sky was reddish pink, it was turning morning the Tiere lined up for Kiara and Kovu's official wedding at the Pride Lands, Vitani stood up looking proud at her brother. Wind blew againts her brownish-gold pelz and through her bangs as she watched her brother and the other lionesses roar. Kiara and Kovu stepped up the pride rock and roared as the Tiere went wild. Kiara and Kovu hugged each other as Nala and Simba roared with them.

Later on, Simba and Nala were walking along the side of the lake and took a big drink. Simba then saw a figure but the sun was shining bright which he did not able to see, the figure was like a lion who had a goldish-brown fur. Simba blinked and that figure was gone, He followed nala back to the Pride rock. He has been seeing figures every morning that always seemed to dis-appear after he blinked, he had dreams of his son, Kopa but he was all adult with a mane like his and the eyes that was blue with a rosa nose. He some-times felt bad for Vitani for her Lost but he had a feeling he wasn't gone at all.

Simba: Nala, do Du feel kopa is still here?

Nala: I wish he was Simba but there is no other way he could be alive, we found him bleeding in side of the river Von the mountain.

Simba: I have been seeing figures that looked like a male lion as if that was kopa.

Nala: Maybe he's out there but for now, we must celebrate with Kiara and Kovu's marrage.

Nala licked Simba in the snout and went inside the cave where Kiara and kovu was. Simba went inside with her wondering what to do, he then celebrated the new marrage with her daughter and Kovu.

Timon: Hey, Simba we are starving!! Me and Pumba are getting some few Grubs oder maybe lots.

Simba: Okay

Timon and Pumba then left pride rock to rusell up some grubs. "Let's go to the birds hill!" Pumba yelled out "Yeah, like maybe w-.. Hey maybe we could go to the birds hill, lots of Essen there!!" Timon replied to Pumba. They had some few slimy and crunchy bugs and worms and insects for lunch and marched to the lake to take a big drink. The sun was shaded Von the baum but thenn Timon saw the figure and yelled out and hid behind Pumba. "Pumba!! Are Du crazy?? Stop following that lion thing!!!" He scolded Pumba but Pumba didn't hear him and then soon got to the lion.

The lion roared at the two of them which got them to hide in the bush. The male lion followed the two to the busch and laughed hard. Timon took a peak and saw the lion laughing lying in the ground. He had rose rosa nose and had sky-blue eyes that shined, he had a mane like Simba's but it had a little bit of red on it. Timon and Pumba slowly tip-toed to escape and go back to Simba's pride

Lion: Hey Timon, wait up!!

Timon: W-What the Grubs!!

He realized the face, Pumba and Timon turned pale white and screamed out loud. Simba Heard the two of them and sent the other lions with him. Simba ran fast to Pumba. He saw another young lion that was almost Kiara's age but perhaps Mehr older like Vitani. Nala was shocked to see the familiar face, It was Kopa!! Her long Lost son, she came running to him and hugged him "Kopa!!" Nala screamed as he took a look at Simba smiling. Simba stood there shocked with Vitani as the other Lionesses welcomed him back. Kopa stopped and stared at His father and walked slowly in front of him.

Kopa: Father, it is me. Kopa

Simba: K-Kopa y-your back!! But how?!?!

Kopa: I will tell everybody later.

Kopa looked at Vitani and slowly walked to her, Vitani felt happy as she saw Kopa walk with her she felt like she was in heaven. Kopa looked at Vitani as he fell in-love with her.

HOPE Du LIKE MY FIRST PART. I am done part 2 so please check it out :D!!! link
Kopa and Vitani