taka is mufasa's brother,he was born after mufasa.
he Liebe dplaying with his brother.one Tag as they played,Ahadi looked at them and uru came to his side and asked him"is something wrong dear?"and he replies"i have to choose who is going to be the Weiter king,Mufasa oder Taka"uru looked at him"choose wisely"and left.ahadi decided to choose mufasa.the Weiter Tag he told mufasa"mufasa,i have chosen Du to be the Weiter king of the pridelands"and mufasa said"cool".mufasa ran to taka and told him"taka,taka,dad chose me as the Weiter king!"and taka said"really,then im really happy for Du brother".taka dint really minded that mufasa was going to be the Weiter king,but since then ahadi was spending Mehr time with mufasa than with taka,ahadi was ignoring taka.taka began feelin jealous.months passed and mufasa and take were now teenagers.when taka saw that mufasa was winning the herz of sarabi(taka liked her),taka was angry and attacked mufasa.ahadi was furious and slashed taka's face,causing a hidious scar in his face.that nigth,taka told mufasa that from now on he was going to be known as scar and ran away,mufasa tried to make him stay,but refused to.as scar ran he began crying.he was tired and stopped in an elefant graveyard.there he hears noises and looks back.then out of the elefant skull come out three teenager hyenas.they talk to scar and scar tells them what happend.the hyenas feel bad for scar and tell him to stay with him.taka agreed(since he had no other place to sleep at)years passed and scar had grown.he was looking for something to eat when zazu comes and asks him why dint he assist to simba's presentation.scar chases zazu and puts zazu in his muth until mufasa comes and scolds at scar.scar leaves.days later as scar is on a cliff his nephew simba comes to tell scar that he was going to be king of priderock.scar talks with him and tells him about the elefant graveyard.simba is eager to go there after scars tells him about it.scar palns to use the hyenas to kill simba.but they failed.later on scar scolds at the hyenas Von telling them that he practically gift wrapped the cubs for them,but the couldnt even dispose them.the Weiter Tag scar takes simba to a gorge telling him mufasa has a ''surprise'' for him.he leaves and gives the hyenas the signal.the hyenas chase the wilderbeest heard down to the gorge.scar finds mufasa and tells him about the stampede.mufasa is killed and scar tell simba that is his fault mufasa is dead.he tells simba to run away for ever,and the poor simba does.scar sends the hyenas after simba to kill him.in the evening scar tells the pride about mufasa's death and the he know has to take the throne.he says that it si the dawning of a new era.years pass and scar meets zira.he gets her pregnant.one Tag nuka was born.months passed and simba returned.he figths scar and trows him off a cliff,then the hyenas kill scar.