Ok, when I found out that Kiara is a cub in The Lion Guard I didn't like it. Don't get me wrong. I am trying to make myself get used to the idea that Kion is a cub, not to mention the same age as Kiara according to what Disney just said. Yes, he is the Sekunde born but maybe he was from the same litter (making kiara and kion twins). So yeah.. he was born after Kiara and as it turns out he is the same age as her (not a big Fan of that either).
Von the way yes he is the Sekunde born because -for the last time- there is no Kopa! :P
However! It makes scenes from the Sekunde movie not make any sense!

1. The Hyenas.
First of all according to the teaser there are hyenas in The Lion Guard while in 'Simba's Pride" Nuka clearly says "This place is even creepier since the hyenas ran off"'. I mean seriously? Did they totally forget about that? Yes I like the idea of hyenas being in this series but come on now..
(except if they ran off when both Kiara and Kion were teenagers? I don't know..)

2. Simba and his cubs.
Why would Simba be so overprotective of Kiara while he let his other cub guard the pridelands? I doubt it is because kiara was his heir. I mean, Simba is a good father and cares about his family so I doubt he only cares about kiara's safety only because of that while he lets kion do whatever he wants let alone deal with hyenas!

3. Scenes that Kion would definitely be there.
There are some scenes in the Sekunde movie in which there is no way that Kion wouldn't be there. Kovu's exile, the last battle (outlanders/pridelanders), the ceremony at the end of the movie etc. If Kion was part of the family then where was he in these scenes? Guarding the pridelands all Tag everyday doesn't matter the circumstances? I understand that when Disney was making "simba's pride" there was no Kion. But for me making Kiara and Kion approximately the same age doesnt make sense.


The plotholes it "fills in" is the cub at the end of the first movie (that looks nothing like kiara) and the fact that nala was absent in some scenes.