Princess Kairia, was engrossed as she listened to her grandfather the former king Simba, as he told her a story of one of the adventures he had with her grandmother when he was a cub. "There Grandma and I were cornered Von the hyenas they were moving in for the kill. I did the only thing I could think of, I roared at them." Kairia looked at her grandfather impressed and asked him "Wow Grandpa did that scare them off?" Simba laughed heartily at his granddaughter and sagte "No, dear one I'm afraid it didn't." Kairia asked confused "But Grandpa if it didn't work then how did Du and grandma get away?" Simba laid down Weiter to Kairia and replied "Well, after my roar didn't scare them off I truly thought me and grandma were done for then my father came to our rescue. It was very scary but also exciting, Dad made those hyenas run to the ends of the earth" Kairia laughed and sagte "Grandpa that was a great story,can Du tell me another one?" Just as Simba was getting ready to tell his granddaughter another story Kiara his daughter and reigning Queen of the pride lands found them sitting on the summit of Pride Rock, "Kairia,Father there Du two are, I've been looking every where for Du both, What have Du two been doing here all morning?" Kiara asked them as she laid down Weiter to her father. "Grandfather has been telling me the coolest stories about when he and grandma were my age, Oh mother they are so cool, Du should ask he has had some really crazy adventures!" Kiara turned towards her father and sagte to him angrily "Yes I should ask him Mehr about that, due continue father" Simba sagte "That is enough stories for one morning dear one, why don't Du go off and play now." Kairia sagte disappointed "Grandpa I really want to stay here with Du and listen to Mehr of your stories." Kiara stood up and replied "You have spent Mehr than enough time with your grandfather this morning Kairia, now why don't Du go off and visit Aunt Vitani and Cousin Vitana ,they are laying on the sunbathing rocks on the south side of Pride Rock, your grandmother is there too, Du mind her for the rest of the day.I need to go and scout the perimeter of the pride lands." Kairia's ears perked up in excitement and asked "Mom can I come too?" Kiara bent down and replied "No Kairia it's too dangerous, Du run along now all right, we'll spend Mehr time together soon I promise." Kiara swiped her daughter up with her right paw and hugged her tight to her chest, and licked her. She gave her father a small nuzzle and sagte "Well I need to get going, Daddy why don't Du go and take a nap Du look exhausted, Kairia Du mind your grandmother." Kairia sighed and sagte "Yes, Mother I will I promise." The young Queen smiled and gracefully scaled down off the summit of Pride Rock. Kairia asked her grandfather "Grandpa why won't Mom let me go with her, I never get to go anywhere." Simba laughed and sagte "You sound just like me when I was your age." Kairia looked at her grandfather and sagte "I bet great-great grandfather let Du do whatever Du wanted and go where ever Du wanted to go." Simba laughed once again that Tag at his granddaughter and replied "No he was very strict and hardly let me go anywhere without Zazu. Kairia looked at Simba and asked " Really why was he like that ?"

"Well Du see dear one, when I was prince I was just like you, I wanted to go and do everything my father did, but I realized that the things that sound really fun and exciting are usually the most dangerous." Kairia looked at her grandfather and replied "I don't understand ." Simba licked Kairia and sagte "You will one Tag dear one Du will." Kairia sighed then sagte "I hope so grandpa." Simba laughed and sagte "I promise Du Du will Kairia, now let's get Du to the sunbathing rocks, I'm sure everyone is waiting for you. Kairia asked "Grandpa will Du tell me a story tonight before I go to sleep?" Simba nuzzled his granddaughter slowly and replied "We'll see Kiaria." They finally had made it to she south sunbathing rocks Simba gave Kairia a slight nudge with his nose and sagte "Go on now have a good time with your cousin, I'll see Du tonight." Kairia ran back to her grandfather nuzzled him and sagte "Okay, Grandpa see Du tonight." Simba watched her clamber down the large rocks towards the south sunbathing ones he shouted after her "You be careful today Du hear me dear one!" Kairia shouted back "Yes grandfather I will!"

Kairia finally made it to the sunbathing rocks she ran towards her cousin and best friend Vitana who was being bathed Von her mother Kairia's Aunt Vitani, "Hi Vitana" Vitana looked up at her and sagte "Hey, Kairia." Kairia whispered in her ear "Come on grandpa just told me about this really amazing place." Annoyed Vitana sagte "Kairia I'm kind of in the middle of a bath." Nala the former Queen of the pride lands and Kairia's grandmother sagte “Speaking of baths its time for yours, dear” With that Nala grabbed Kairia Von scruff of her neck and started bathing her. Kairia struggled out of her grandmother's grip “Grandma, grandma stop your getting me all wet Du know how much I hate getting wet .” Nala smiled and released her. Kairia shook off the excess slyvia on her and replied “Okay, Okay, I”m all clean can we get going ”. Vitana sagte “So were are we going, it better not someplace be stupid.” Kairia replied “No it's really awesome.” Nala asked “So were is this really awesome place?” Kairia sagte “Oh, um around Rafiki's Tree.” Vitana chimed in “Rafiki's baum what's so great about Rafiki's Tree?” Kairia bent down and whispered in Vitana's ear “I'll Zeigen Du why when we get there.” The notion dawned on Vitana and playing along she whispered back “Oh right” Turing around to face her mother she asked “Um, mom can I go with Kairia?” Vitani stared at her daughter for a Sekunde then she looked at Nala and asked “Hmm what do Du think Nala?” Kairia and Viatana smiled extra sweetly and sagte “Please!” Nala looked at them and sagte “ Well,... it's fine with me.” Kairia and Vitana rejoyced happily jumping up and down. “Yeah, all right.” they sagte in unison. As they were leaving Nala sagte “As long as Zazu escorts you.” Kairia and Vitana were crestfallen. Vitana sagte “Kairia you've got to do something we can't have that bossy dodo around” Kairia nodded and sagte “ Your right I'm going to see if I can get grandma to change her mind, wait here all right?” Vitana sagte “Okay, hurry up Kairia .” Kairia ran back to her grandmother and sagte “No grandma not Zazu, Why can't Vitana and me go Von ourselves?.” Nala who was washing her paws sagte “I'm sorry but Du either let Zazu escort Du oder Du stay here.” Kairia sulked and sagte “All right”, She walked back to Vitana and sagte “No go, but don't worry I've got a plan.” Vitana asked “So were we are really going?” Kairia whispered “The old elefant graveyard.” Vitana's eyes grew wide with excitement and she sagte loudly “Woah, cool!”

“S shh, Zazu will hear you.” Kairia whispered Vitana replied “Right so how are gonna ditch the Dodo?” The two cubs then began whispering in the tall gras, grass about their plan to loose their pesky and annoying escort. . Zazu, landed down in front of them and asked rather hotly “Why haven't Du two picked up the pace, it is nearly midday and we aren't even half way to the baum yet, what is the problem?” Kairia whispered in Vitana ear “Let Operation Ditch the Dodo commence.” Vitana nodded slightly. Kairia then sagte to Zazu, “Zazu we're thirsty I mean we've been walking for at least three hours, why don't Du go the watering hole and get us some water, that way we'll get to Rafiki's baum faster”. Zazu looked at her with scruity and sagte “Oh no Du don't your
grand parents pulled a similar trick on me before and I will not fall for it a Sekunde time I will not be swayed form course, besides there is a small pond near the baum Du can both have a drink when we get there. Now come on Du two let's get moving!” Zazu sagte with crazy passion. Kairia stayed where she was and replied slyly “ All right we'll go but I would hate to tell grandmother and mother that Du disobeyed a direct order form the princess. I don't think they'll like that at all. What do Du think Vitana, do Du think they'll like it ?” Vitana shook her head and replied “ No they won't they'll probably strip away your majordomo position, and kick Du out of Pride Rock.” Zazu who was in mid take off stopped and went back down to the two cubs he replied smugly “In case Du two didn't know I have been the majordomo to this royal family since Kairia's grandfather was a cub! They would never banish me I am far too important!” Kairia replied cooly “I doubt that Zazu because I heard Mom and Dad talking yesterday and Mom was saying how frustrated she was because she couldn't catch anything for abendessen the Tag before, she sagte she was so mad she might just feuer you.” Zazu looked Mehr closely at Kairia and finally his expression faltered and Kairia knew was going to give in to her request. He sighed and sagte “Oh all right I'll go and get Du two some water but its not because I believe your ridiculous lie I just don't want Du two to get dehydrated. Stay right here I'll be back in a flash” Zazu then took off for the watering hole. As soon as Zazu was out of sight Kairia turned to Vitana and sagte “Come on let's go.” Vitatna replied Yeah let's get out of here!”The two cubs then ran all the way the graveyard. They clambered up a large elephants tusk, to get a better view looking down at the whole yard they were in awe. After a few Sekunden Kairia said“Whoa this place is amazing!” Kairia exclaimed Vitana nodded her head and replied “Sure is but its pretty creepy.” Kairia nodded and sagte “Yeah, but isn't it awesome.” Vitana sagte “We could get into huge trouble.” Kairia replied “Yeah I know.” Suddenly Kairia spotted a large elephants skull and sagte “Cool look at that !” They ran towards it and Vitana wondered out loud “You think it's brains are still up there?” Kairia started walking towards it “Their's only one way to know, come on let's go check it out.” Suddenly Zazu apperaed before them and sagte “Wrong the only checking out Du will do will be to check out out of here!” Kairia groaned “Aw ,Zazu we were just having some fun” Zazu ruffled his feathers and replied indignantly “Fun, Princess we are way beyond the boundaries of the pride lands. This place is riddled with danger! Now come along now Du two we need to get back to the pride lands before anyone notices we've gone” Kairia sagte “Zazu my grandpa told me that the hyenas cleared out of here years ago.Their is nothing here expect bones.” Zazu sagte “ Princess, I implore Du to see reason even though the hyenas maybe gone there are still grave dangers here, We must go now.” Just as Kairia was about to retort to Zazu they all heard a loud roar, out of the shadows of the graveyard came a large and powerful leopard. The trio huddled together in a kreis Kairia in front as the dominating predator came towards them. The leopard just stared at the frightened threesome for a few Minuten then it spoke in a voice dripping with a crazed sweetness “Who are Du and why have Du entered my home.” Kairia puffed herself up stepped vorwärts-, nach vorn and sagte “I am Kairia daughter of Kiara and Kovu and Princess of the Pride lands.” The leopard's crazed sweetness possibly got even sweeter as she replied “So Du are the future Queen of pride rock, I have always wanted to kill a member of the royal family!” Kairia sagte “You can't do anything to me!” Zazu spoke up “Actually she can we are on her land.” Kairia replied “But Zazu Du told me that she was just a mangy good for nothing outsider?” The leopard threw back her head and roared angrily then she grabbed Zazu Von his neck and flung him, the horn bill went flying through the air. The leopard then turned her attention to Kairia and Vitana she spat out acidly “I start running if I were Du right.... Now!” With that she gave chase and chased the two cubs throughout the entire graveyard.

Finally they reached a large cliff face that was too steep for them to climb they were trapped.
Kairia was scared out of her mind. She did the only thing she could think of she roared .
Unfortunately it wasn't strong enough to even scare the powerful leopard. She laughed and sagte “Oh come now is that the best Du can do, surely Du a future Queen can do much better than that ?” Kairia stood her ground and roared at the leopard again but it wasn't her roar that came form her mouth. In a flash her mother leaped between the two cubs and the leopard. Zazu ushered them against the cliff side out of the way of the ferocious battle. The leopard was strong but she was no match for Kiara and with a few swipes of her paws she was able to pin down the leopard Kiara sagte angrily “Consider this a warning if Du threaten my daughter again I will not be so gracious. I will kill Du ” The leopard sagte with false formality “Yes of course Your Highness.” Kiara roared and the leopard slinked off. Zazu looked at Kiara proudly but she gave him only a angry glare in return. Kairia stepped vorwärts-, nach vorn “Mom I'm sor- Kiara whipped around to face her “You deliberately disobeyed me .” Stunned Kairia sagte “Mom, I'm - I'm sorry.” Kiara just sagte “Let's go home.” As they all walked Home Vitana whispered to Kairia “I thought Du were very brave, thanks for saving me cousin.” Kairia whispered back “l didn't really but your welcome.” They stopped halfway towards Pride Rock Kiara sagte “Zazu.” Zazu landed down near Kiara and sagte head bowed “Yes, Your Majesty?” Kiara ordered “Take Vitana home, I need to have a talk with my daughter.” They were in the plains and Kairia slumped down into the tall grasses fearfully. Zazu swept over to Vitana and sagte “Come along Vitana.” Before leaving Zazu went over to Kairia put his wings on her shoulders looking at her with sincerity sagte “Kairia good luck you'll need it.” With that Zazu and Vitana left for Pride Rock. A few Sekunden of silence passed before Kiara sagte “Kairia.” Kairia winced at her name being called Von her mother but obeyed and walked slowly to Kiara her head hung low in shame. She sat down beside her mother. None of them spoke for a few Sekunden finally Kiara sighed and sagte “Kairia I am very disappointed with you. Do Du realize Du could have been killed today" Kairia nodded her head and sagte “Yes I know.” Kiara continued “ Du deliberately disobeyed me and what's worse Du put Vitana your own cousin in danger .” Kairia exhaled on the verge of tears sagte “I was just trying to be Merida - Legende der Highlands like Du and grandfather.” Kiara sagte “Your grandfather and I are only Merida - Legende der Highlands when we have to be, to protect the ones we love. “Kairia being Merida - Legende der Highlands does not mean Du go and seek trouble out.” Kairia exhaled again and replied “Nothing scares Du Mom.” Kiara bent down so that she was at eye level with her daughter. “That's not true I was very scared today.” Kairia sagte “Really, Du were.” Kiara bent down Mehr and sagte “Yes I was afraid I was going to loose you.” Kairia sagte “Oh I guess even queens get scared don't they?” Kiara sagte “Yes they do” Kairia whispered in her mother's ear “But Du know what?” “What?” Kiara asked “I think that leopard was even scareder” Kiara laughed and sagte “Because no one messes with my daughter and comes out alive, and one one disobeys my rules and lives, come here Du rule breaker you!” Kiara swept Kairia up and started licking her all over. Kairia sagte “Oh no, Du don't get off” She pushed her mother down and the two of them chased each other around the plains until Kairia tackled her mother and grabbed onto her tail pulling it she sagte “Ah, I got you, admit your defeat!” Kiara sagte tiredly “All right All right Du win.” Kairia sagte happily “Yes I won!” The two of them were laying on the plains Kairia laughed and clambered atop her mother's back Kiara sat up so that she could when she was comfortable she asked “ Mom we' re best Friends right?” Kiara laughed and replied “Right we're the best of friends” Kairia then asked “And we'll always be together won't we mom?” Kiara sagte “Kairia let me tell Du something grandfather told me. Look at the stars, The great kings of our past look down on us form everyone of those stars.” Kairia asked awestruck “Wow really Mother?” Kiara sagte “Yes, so know this whenever Du feel alone oder scared in this world just look up at the sky and those kings will always be there to guide Du and so will I”. The two of them just stared at the sky for a few moments then Kiara sagte “Well it is very late, I think we should call it a night don't you?” Kairia replied “Aw mom we were just starting to have fun!” Kiara laughed and sagte “Oh I would think Du would be tired of fun after everything that's happened today.” Kairia shook her head and replied “Nope I am always up for fun!” Kiara laughed again and sagte “Okay then how about a little race to Pride Rock, Du up for it.?” Kairia laughed and sagte “Oh yeah defiantly.” Kiara sagte “All right then, on the count of three we start one, two, Three!” Kiara dashed vorwärts-, nach vorn as soon as she sagte three. Kairia sagte “Hey no fair Du got a head start!” Kiara shouted “Come on slowpoke come and get me!” Kairia ran happily after her mother she shouted “Don't worry I will!"