The sun was shining, the savannah was buzzing with the talk of a new cub. Its name was Kopa, and it was Simba and Nala’s first cub. The cub was a male, and he was very healthy. Simba and Nala were very happy. Nala called him “her little angel”, and Simba smiled and sagte “you will be king one day.”

The Weiter Tag was a hot, sunny Tag in the pride lands. All the Tiere gathered around pride rock for the dedication of little Kopa. Rafiki smiled, as he blessed the young cub. Kopa looked up, and smiled, just as his father had so many years ago. Rafiki held up the small lion, and sagte proudly, “it is time”, as he showed all of the pride lands the soon to be king.

A few weeks later, Kopa was talking, and Schauspielen like any normal cub of his age. Simba was proud, but also very protective, because of what he went through as a cub. The whole pride was very happy, especially Nala, who would almost never let him out of her site. Yes, they were happy, but the happiness would not last.

One day, Simba was giving Kopa a pouncing lesson out near the gorge, were Simba had witness Scar kill his father. Because of this, Simba told Kopa to stay away from the edge, but being a young, curious cub, Kopa did not listen. He was much like his father as a cub, very curious, and very brave.

Simba told his son to stay low to the ground, and not to make a sound. He looked right at Zazu, who was very embarrassed, being nothing Mehr than a tool for teaching, and told him to turn around. Simba then told Kopa to sneak up on Zazu, and pounce on him.

As Kopa ran up to pounce onto Zazu, he hit a rock, and tumbled head over paws over the cliff. As he fell, he managed to grab a baum branch, and hold on. Simba ran to the side, panicking, he shouted “Hold on Kopa!” as he reached for Kopa’s paw.

Simba held on, and told Zazu to go get help. Visions of his father, falling to his death raced through Simba’s head. Simba was telling Kopa to reach for his paw, and that he will pull him to safety. Just as he got a grip onto Kopa, a wind blew, and blew dust into Simba’s eyes. Simba tried to hold on, but he could not get a grip. As Kopa slipped out of his paws, he began to fall. As he fell, Kopa shouted to Simba “I Liebe you”

Simba shouted “No!” and ran down the gorge to find his son. As he reached Kopa, he saw that he was not well. Kopa was still alive, but slipping away fast. Simba told his dieing son to relax, and that he would be fine. Kopa replied “I am sorry dad, I triiied” as he gasped for air. Kopa’s final words, as his spirit left his body were “I looovve Du daaaadd” as he breathed his final breath.

Simba, now crying, shouted “Kopa, Kopa, speak to me” but it was no use, Kopa was gone, and Simba could not do anything to change this. Simba sat, and wept for his Lost son, and as he did, the sky began to fill with black, storm clouds, and in one of those clouds, was a sad Mufasa.

As Simba went home, carrying his dead son’s body on his back, he shouted to Mufasa “Where were you?” “Why did Du not prevent this?” A very sad image of Mufasa appeared, and replied “Simba, I have no control over these things, but Du must stay strong.” At that moment, an image of young Kopa appeared to Simba, telling him “Do not be sad, and don’t blame yourself. I am in a better place.” “And remember, I will always Liebe Du daddy” and both Bilder disappeared.

Simba returned to pride rock, with tears in his eyes. When Nala saw Kopa’s limp, lifeless body, she cried uncontrollably, screaming, “No, No, Not my Son, Not my Baby!” As Simba tried to comfort his mate, he himself began to cry again. The whole pride mourned the loss, and everyone cried themselves to sleep that night.

That night, Simba had a dream, about his dead son, in which he told Simba that “Everything is fine, and everything will work out in the end” “I Liebe Du father, goodbye” At that moment Simba woke up, and so did Nala. Simba explained the dream to Nala, and she replied “I just has the same dream” Neither one knew what Kopa meant Von everything would work out, but they thought nothing of it, and went back to sleep.

The Weiter day, a funeral was held for Du Kopa. As Rafiki blessed the young cub’s body, Simba began to cry, but just as he started crying, he could faintly hear the sounds of Kopa innocent voice, saying “Don’t be sad, I will be with Du always.” Nala cried, but she felt sort of funny. She felt the same way now as when she was pregnant with Kopa. But, grieving, she thought nothing of it, and proceeded to say goodbye to her first born cub.

However, this story does have a silver lining, because that night, as the pride tried to cope with their loss, Nala finally realized that she was again pregnant. She informed Simba of the great news, that they again will have a cub. Although Simba was happy, he now knew what Kopa meant Von everything would work out in the end. He now vowed to never let anything happen to the new cub, and to never forget his Lost little boy.