Die Tribute von Panem Hunger Games Characters Tournament - Match #4: Foxface vs Mrs. Everdeen. Who's your favourite character?

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Mrs. Everdeen
 SelenaCantSing posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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SelenaCantSing picked Mrs. Everdeen:
CHARACTERS HISTORY (taken from Wikipedia):

The female tribute from District 5. Katniss gives her the nickname Foxface after seeing her on TV when they announce the contestants of the Hunger Games, describing her as "a girl that looks like a fox." Katniss shares this nickname with only Rue and Peeta. Foxface's real name is never revealed. Foxface is the second to last tribute to die, after Thresh's death but before Cato's. Clever and evasive, she uses ingenious strategies, such as hiding in the Cornucopia at the Feast, in order to survive. She avoids contact with other tributes, but relies on them for food; she steals just enough food to survive, but not enough to arouse suspicion that any food is missing. She dies after surreptitiously stealing some of Peeta's food. Unfortunately, the food was a type of poisonous berry called nightlock. Katniss believes her to have been the smartest of all the tributes, and later remarks that "Had we poisoned the berries intentionally, she would not have attempted to steal them." She is unusual in that she, despite coming in fourth in the Games, is thought to have made no kills, probably as part of her strategy.

Mrs. Everdeen:
Katniss's mother. She was raised in town as the daughter of an apothecary, and subsequently had a fairly comfortable life. She gave it all up to marry Katniss's father and move to the Seam, where she lived in impoverished and starvation-level conditions. She goes into a deep depression when Katniss's father dies in a mining accident. She eventually recovers enough to set up an apothecary in District 12. In Mockingjay she is seen working in the hospital in District 13, and following Prim's death at the end of the book, she does not return to District 12 with Katniss. Instead, she stays in District 4, working in a hospital and coping with her grief. She and Katniss maintain contact through telephone calls.
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pasdoll picked Foxface:
I really loved Fxface.
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tracytracy2000 picked Foxface:
Foxface is awesome! Mrs.Everdeen's character kinda annoys me... We never find out her first name though
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