Die Tribute von Panem Du Liebe me, Du Liebe me not. [Fanfic!]

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You love me, you love me not.

{A/N} I just wanted to do a series of one-shots about pairings. These are who I think should be together if they have to be with somebody, and you may not agree. Sorry about that! Now, on with the story. We'll start with.. Foxface/Cato. In this story her name is Finch! Foxface/Finch point of view. (POV)

I step around the mines. I was clever enough to figure out what lies there. Suddenly, somebody grabs me and lifts me up into their arms. A Career. I'd been spotted. I'd been caught. "Let- me... let me go!" I screamed, but the grip tightened. I looked up, terrified of whomever it was. It was Cato. Just great, I thought, Stick me with Mr. Strong. It was true, I had seen what this guy could do. He could of killed me in a second. I wondered why he hadn't.

Over time, I had begun to like this guy. After all, he was cute, determined. He looked me in the eyes.

"Just go ahead and kill me." I said.

"No." He replied.

"Why not?!" I yelled.

"Because," Cato whispered, "I like you to much. I might even love you. I've watched you time and time again, coming here, stealing food. I admired your cleverness. I thought it was quite cute, the little dance you did to avoid the mines. I never knew you, though. But I just knew you were amazing, somehow. Don't prove me wrong. I love your eyes, their amazing green but somehow, they're brown at the same time. I love your hair, how fiery it is. I could compare you to a fox, and find a couple similarities. I like you- love you."

I was very surprised at his answer. No one had ever loved me. No one except my dad. My mother hated me. My siblings disregarded me, pretended I didn't exsist. Then, of course, there were my friends. I didn't have many.

"Thank you... over time I've developed a little crush on you, as well," I told Cato, blushing.

"Great. Maybe, if we both don't die in this, we could learn more about each other sometime. They'll be coming back, soon. Run. I promise I won't let them hurt you." He reassured me.

He leaned down, and kissed me. The way it happened was amazing, time slowed down, but it all seemed to go by much too fast. I felt something. My heart did a little happy dance in my chest. It was like in fairy-tales. I knew then, I loved him. I just knew somehow. I had to leave him afterwards, though, in fear for my life.

I was sprawled on the ground, with the other Careers. The cannon went off.

Please not her, please, please not her. Please. Not her.

I went through the day, faking it like everything was alright.

Night came, finally, as the day seemed to drag on forever.

Then I saw her face in the sky. Surrounded by stars. While the others didn't care, or were glad about her death, being one less to kill, I ducked my head into my sleeping bag.

I didn't stop the tears from falling. All of Panem knew I had felt for her, except those in the arena. Except me and her.

That head of fiery red hair, in a hovercraft right now- Maybe sprawled out in a wooden coffin. The heart no longer beating. Those green and brown eyes lifeless.


I didn't stop the tears from falling. I couldn't. I would kill them, whoever killed her. I find them. Make them miserable.
{A/N} The rest will continue in comments. ;)
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