Aries: the SCARIEST opponent, probably the most appealing person to team up with, they'd know how to use EVERY weapon, and could probably defeat anyone that stood in their way.

Taurus: very strong, very resourceful, knows how to get Von in nature, probably wouldn't team up with anyone, would stick to the shadows and only fight if they had to.

Gemini: very quick witted, can act on a moments notice, can probably talk their opponents out of killing them, can and will fight, but look out if Du do pair up with them because if there is only a few people left they might backstab Du .

Cancer: the one who seems weak at first, but ends up losing all feelings and turns into a cold blooded killer and does anything and everything to survive.

Leo: another appealing person to team up with, very charismatic (a lot like finnick), beautiful, graceful but deadly.

Virgo: uses calculations and logic to get by, sets traps to kill their enemies oder to get food, tries to stay as inconspicuous as possible but fights when they need to.

Libra: vicious af, they're the ones who people would team up with, deceptive, will act weak but lash out and destroy Du if Du let your guard down .

Scorpio: pretty much an assassin, will isolate themselves and kill their opponents silently, skilled with pretty much every weapon, impulsive and manipulative .

Sagittarius: knows how to use nature to their advantage, would only pair up if necessary, probably up in the trees with as many supplies as they could carry.

Capricorn: cold-blooded killer, would do ANYTHING to survive, would not pair up, would fight with their own two hands if they needed to.

Aquarius: would try to pair with someone and follow them, really useful in finding Essen and shelter but needs someone to fight for them bc they're not too good at defense.

Pisces: is pretty much like Peeta, uses camouflage to hide and blend in, is probably in a baum shooting arrows at people who come near them.