Yes, everyone knows that Gale has had an eye for Katniss ever since they met. And it seems the obvious choice would be to choose Team Gale.
On the other hand, Peeta with his dreamy artistic ability, and his bakery smell, he has both talent and the looks. Peeta not only cared for Katniss in times when she had an issue as simple as a nightmare, to when she is paralyzed in horror of the games.

Gale didn't Zeigen much affection to Katniss, except for the few times they hugged out of friendship. Gale is Mehr of that hard, expressionless type, that gets too jealous too easily. Its so simple to tell that yes, Gale also has the looks, and of course, he has skill. But he is not what Katniss needs. Gale has a hard heart, and wont let anybody in.

Peeta is soft, and tries to be a part of Katness Mehr than Gale.

Gale is definitely out of the question. Peeta forever.
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