"I was frustrated. I threw a messer at the wall."
My tired and achy body feels numb beneath me. The gentle gliding motion of the train rocks me back and forth like the ocean carrying its waves to the shore. Except waves aren't being carried towards what will most likely be their deaths.

Jay, Tabbie, and Maggie, my mentor-everybody calls her Mags-, all ate in the dining kabine ages ago, but I requested abendessen alone in my room. I need time to think and plan strategy. My abendessen lies cold and untouched on oben, nach oben of my dresser, the only other piece of furniture in my dismal little train kabine besides my bed. I only have about seven days to prepare my strategy, and possibly even to live, and the only thing I can think of is how confident eichelhäher, jay looked when he ascended the platform and sat Weiter to me.

I'll have to kill him. I will have to kill. Throwing a messer and stabbing a target is different thin than killing a human being. I'm worried that I will be incapable of murder when I'm in the arena. In frustration, I grab the messer off my abendessen tray and hurl it at the light socket with all my might. It lands squarely in one of the little plug-holes. All of the sudden the lights flicker, and go out. Crap, blew a fuse. Tabbie'll be FURIOUS. As if on cue, there's a loud and capitol-esque voice piped through the intercom system. "ARIELLE. GET UP TO THE DINING CAR. NOW." I assumed that they had security cameras here, but I never knew that Tabbie had access to stalking me. Ugh. Capitol people.

I don't move. I don't owe the Capitol anything. They're going to use my death to satisfy their sadistic bloodlust, and even if I live, I'll be what? A broken shell of a human being. Even if being to Tabbie is my last act of defiance before I go into the Arena, where I'll have to be a total suck up in order to get the Sponsoren I need to win.

She flings my room door open, her rosa hair standing on end and her eyebrows knitted together in a freakishly rosa knot over her eyes.


Obviously, Du already know. Stalker.

"I was frustrated. I threw a messer at the wall. Blew a fuse."

"WHY-" "Just leave me alone."

She utters something halfway between a sigh and a grunt, and leaves me alone to sulk.

-----END OF CHAPTER 3-----

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