The justice building is huge, with carpeted floors the color of the stormy sea. I wait for my family in a round room. The whole place has a morbid feeling to it, as if the tributes who have been here before me haunt the place, traces of their restless spirits left behind. The creak of a door signals the arrival of my family. The sight of them breaks my resolve.

My mother hugs me and whispers how much she loves me. My father gives me a ring with a pearl set in the center as my token. My little sister smiles and says how happy she is that we'll be moving into the Victor's Village soon. Her confidence steadies me, and I know from my training that I must appear strong for the train ride and the interview.

Peacekeepers come in and lead my family out. I wait. After several Minuten of silence, Alice- the girl I volunteered for- timidly comes in the door.


"Right here."

Guided Von my voice, she stumbles to the couch. To my surprise, she appears very serious.

"You're ready for this. Katrina told me to let Du know that. She thinks you're going to win. sagte she was betting on you, and that's saying something, Du know she never bets on the Games anymore."

Katrina Ettenen has been my training instructor since I was five years old and couldn't hit a target with a messer if she was controlling my arm for me. I've come a long way. The fact that she has confidence in me says a lot.


Alice hesitates for a second. "Thank you. For volunteering for me. I owe Du my life. But Du have to win, okay? Du have to win so I can repay Du that debt."

I nod. "Okay." I hope she can't tell that my voice is quavering. I'm not sure I can keep that promise.

She gets up and finds the door. I think she was crying.

No one else comes to see me. I didn't expect them to. I don't really have many friends. The peace keepers lead me silently to the train platform, and I wait for it to come and carry me away to the world of the capitol.

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