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"Gale" I whisper in his ear as we lay in bett together.
"Gale.." I repeat a little louder.
"What is Katniss?" he says as he rolls over to face me.
"I cant sleep. want to go to the Capitol?" I say, nervous about his answer.
".... okay, but not for long. we can just check up on the prisoners."
"okay" I sagte wanting to jump with glee. We get out of bed, trying our hardest not to make much sound. Ever since we broke down the capitol, thing have been a lot easier. life hasn't been as rough. there are still the occasional deaths, Du know, where people stand on covered land mines from the capitols last attack 4 years ago. things are getting better, but it will never go back to normal. not after what the people of Panem experience. History Bücher have been written, children born, lives lost. but where we are now is much different to where we were.
"What route should we take, Katniss?" he whispers.
"Take the one behind district 7, that one is safest"
"Katniss,I still don't thin its safe, sicher to go there"
"Gale please, I need to do this. I cant get to sleep otherwise."
I was starting to get upset. He usually goes there with no argument, but tonight he seemed a bit... off. "Gale, is something wrong?"
"No Katniss, please.... just.. its.. please just don't go. For my sake?"
"Have I done something to upset you? Du usually go no problem, so what different about tonight?" I was raising my voice now, but not quite shouting in fear of waking the others.
"Katniss, just don't."
"Whats the problem?! I don't understand whats so different about tonight than any other night!" I was fully shouting now. Lights were turning on the hall way.
"Katniss, your waking peop..." I cut him off mid sentence.
"Gale, if Du don't tell me what your hiding, im leaving. And I will NEVER, come back." I had softened my tone a bit.
"ENOUGH! Im sick of 'oh Katniss Katniss your the best, but lets go the other way'. If Du really loved me, then Du would do this for..." people are starting to watch from the corridor as he cuts me off before I can finish what im saying.
"Katniss Everdeen, will Du marry me?!" hes on one knee as he pulls a diamond ring out his pocket. It must have been expensive, because its wrapped in Gold spots.
"Gale.. I..."
"Please Katniss. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Weve been through everything together, so why not spend the rest of our lives living with children, happy children, that don't have to know anything about our pasts?"
I stand there in shock, not knowing what to do. I turn around, Prim and Mum standing there, among other people, anticipating what I will say.
I have to make a choice. I can either marry him, and be in Liebe with the person that makes me light up when hes around, someone I can go hunting with.
I can be with Peeta. He could be a good father. Hes amazing, he makes me feel warm, he can comfort me and he listens.
The choice.. the choice... the choice. Its been made.
"Gale, I....


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