1. Birthday month:

January: I danced with
February: I baked a cake for:
March: I killed
April: I started a rebellion with
May: I escaped from my district with
June: I hunted with
July: I mined coal with
August: I punched ____ in the face
September: I traveled to the Capitol with
October: I was killed by
November: I kissed
December: I drank with

2. Birthday date:

1. Peeta
2. Cinna
3. Beetee
4. Octavia
5. Katniss
6. President Snow
7. Wiress
8. Seneca Crane
9. Cashmere
10. Primrose
11. Finnick
12. Annie
13. Katniss' mother
14. Gale
15. Haymitch
16. Glimmer
17. Cato
18. Marvel
19. Clove
20. Rue
21. Johanna
22. Thresh
23. Effie
24. Foxface
25. Mags
26. Enobaria
27. Gloss
28. Brutus
29. Caesar
30. Madge
31. Thread

3. Color of your shirt:

No shirt: because I was naked.
Red: because I like pizza.
Orange: under the mistletoe.
Yellow: like a boss.
Green: in the forest.
Blue: while taking a bath.
Purple: in the arena.
Pink: while torturing people.
White: while watching a movie.
Gray: on the president's balcony.
Black: because I was scared.
Multicoloured: in my bedroom.
Other: because I was angry.

Mine is:
I baked a cake for Glimmer because I was scared xD