Ever want to find out what your name would be in the series? Need a character's name for your new fanfiction? Look no farther!

District Two names should be fierce, strong, maybe even kind of mysterious. They need to sound intimidating, they're the careers after all. So let's get started.


-First Name:

Pick a type of flower: example, Calla Lily, daisy, tiger lily...

Take the first 4 oder five letters

-Last Name:

Take a word that describes a weapon: example, sharp, heavy, deadly

Take the first four letters of that word and add a -per oder a -ce to the end

Example Names: Calla Sharpce, Dais Heavper, Tige Deadce


-First Name: Option 1

Pick a weapon: example, sword, spear, mace....

Add -ton oder -ark

-First Name:Option 2

Pick a violent sounding word: example, blood, fight...

Translate it into another language

-Last Name:

Pick an exercise: example, running, jumping jacks, crunches...

Take the first four letters

Example Names: Sworark Runn, Maceton Crun, Sangre Jump

Yes, I know some of the names turn out weird, but what do Du think? Please leave your new character name in the comments, I want to see how they turned out! I could make a name generator for all the districts if people are interested.