She spun it, still looking annoyed and disgusted. Her wig was about to fall off her head.

And it landed on…


Effie clapped her hands enthusiastically, forgetting how annoyed she was just a moment ago.

"Truth oder dare!" She asked.

"Truth," Cato sagte after thinking about it.

Effie thought about it for a few moments. "Okay, I know what to ask!" she declared.

"That's good to know," FoxFace murmured.

"Rate everyone here, and I mean everyone, from 1 to 10. Then say what is your idea of a perfect datum *cough*EFFIE TRINKET!*cough*"

Cato looked at the happy Effie for a moment, then shrugged and looked at everyone around him.

"Okay, let's start with…"

"*cough*EFFIE TRINKET!*cough*"

Cato frowned at her.

"Fine. Effie." He looked at her, from oben, nach oben to bottom. "I'll give Du a… four."



"Are Du kidding me? A Four! I worth at least a ten!"

"Sorry. I just don't dig the elderlies."

"WHAT!" If Effie looked insulted before, she looked absolutely raged now.

Cato just shrugged again and turned his attention to the person sitting Weiter to Effie.

"President Snow… I'll give Du a… six."

"A SIX?" Effie screamed. "How can HE," she pointed at the smiling President Snow, "Get a six, while I get a four?"

"He's the president," Cato sagte like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

He turned to the person sitting Weiter to President Snow. "Seneca Crane, I'll give Du a seven. Liebe the beard."

Effie looked Mehr and Mehr annoyed Von the second.

"FoxFace… Six, too much hair. Clove, sweetheart, Du know your grade, don't you?" He winked at her. She giggled, happy. "Glimmer, Du get a nine. Marvel, Du get a five. Peeta…"

Peeta practically jumped in his place, eager to know what the Sexy Killing Machine thought of him.

"Five." Peeta's face has fallen dramatically.

Delly put a soothing hand on his shoulder. "That's okay, Peeta. Just remember, Du weren't the one getting the lowest score!"

Peeta's face brightened immediately Von that fact. Effie frowned.

"Delly, Du get a six. Annie, Du get a nine. Finnick… I don't care if people call Du the Sex God Of Our Generation, I'm hotter than Du are –" President Snow snorted loudly. Cato ignored him. "- And so I'm giving Du an eight. Katniss, Du get a six. Gale, you're getting a seven. Madge, a nine. Rue, Du get a seven. Prim, Du get a seven."

It continued like that for a while. Effie's frown deepened after every person Cato graded; she still had the lowest score.

He finally finished going through everyone in the circle, and looked at them again. "My idea of a perfect date… Mmm… Du mean, a person oder what to do with that person?" He asked the frowning Effie.

Effie shrugged, feeling annoyed. "Both."

"Then, I'll take my beloved Clove –" Clove blushed. Katniss, Prim, Gale and Glimmer acted like they were puking. Haymitch really did puke.

"- I'll go with her to the beach… we'll walk down the shore, talking about nothing and everything… we'll get to know each other better…"

"Oh, that's so sweet!" Annie sagte with a soft smile.

"… And then we'll jump on each other like monkeys on drugs and f*ck 'til sunrise," Cato finished.

"Very sweet indeed," Cashmere sagte and rolled her eyes.

"Katniss, what is f*ck?" Prim asked Katniss with a look full of interest.

Katniss's eyes widened. "Cato! Don't say things like that in front of a twelve Jahr old girl!"

"You know what Du should do? Tear her clothes off her using only your teeth," Enobaria shared her thoughts with Cato. "Teeth are very useful, Du know."

Everyone shifted in their place after she sagte it.

She narrowed her eyes at them. "Yes, yes, the woman who killed people in the hunger games using her teeth is giving an Guter Rat to the Sexy Killing Machine about getting his girlfriend naked using his teeth only. Jeez, you're all such babies."

The silence continued.

Haymitch puked again.

"So, my turn?" Cato asked and moved to the middle of the circle.

He spun the bottle and returned to his seat.

And it landed on…