[ ]You Liebe Hunting
[ ]You hate oweing people
[ ]You're very stubborn
[ ]You know how to hold a grudge
[ ]You hate spontanious acts
[ ]You'd Rather have your hair in a braid
[ ]You'd risk your life for your family
[ ]You have really good aim
[ ]Your not a Hopeless-Romantic
[ ]You have a lot of guy friends
[ ]Your Independent


[ ]You Liebe baking
[ ]You are a amazing artist
[ ]You have leader qualities
[ ]You are a friendly person
[ ]Your a Hopeless-Romantic
[ ]You know how to get the crowd's attention
[ ]Protective
[ ]You have blonde hair
[ ]You suck at hunting
[ ]Your a good Liar
[ ]You'd give your life for the one Du Liebe


[ ]Your very handsome
[ ]You Liebe your best friend
[ ]You dont mind providing for your family
[ ]You Liebe rebellion
[ ]You hate the Government
[ ]You Liebe trapping
[ ]Your not very stuck-up about your looks
[ ]You Frage everything
[ ]Your very spontanious
[ ]Your strong willed
[ ]Your well loved Von everybody


[ ]Your small
[ ]You Liebe animals
[ ]You Liebe helping the needy
[ ]You wanna be a doctor oder a nurse
[ ]Your fragile and kinda weak
[ ]You have an older sibling that will protect you
[ ]Everybody loves you
[ ]Your very forgiving
[ ]You are sensative
[ ]You have blonde hair
[ ]You care about everything and everyone


[ ]You drink a lot
[ ]You rely on people
[ ]You like outsmarting people
[ ]You hide your feelings
[ ]You rather be dead than alive
[ ]Sarcastic
[ ]Grumpy
[ ]Scare people away
[ ]You dont care about what Du look like
[ ]You dont eat much
[ ]You hate being around people


[ ]You Liebe Musik
[ ]You have a good voice
[ ]Birds fall silent when Du sing
[ ]Your fast
[ ]You like climbing trees
[ ]Your innocent
[ ]People underestimate your albilties
[ ]Your tiny and tough
[ ]You have an apetite
[ ]Your caring
[ ]Smart


[ ]Your Organized
[ ]Senstaive
[ ]Died your hair many times
[ ]Kind of Stuck up
[ ]You keep up with the the latest trends
[ ]Have very good manners
[ ]Hate people with bad manners
[ ]Plan everything
[ ]Never late for any events
[ ]Stubborn
[ ]Talk a lot


[ ]You like sugar-ice cubes
[ ]Your a flirt
[ ]Your sexy and Du know it
[ ]Strong
[ ]Your a good fisher
[ ]You always have to have your hands occupied when your nervous
[ ]You fall in Liebe with crazy people
[ ]your very protective
[ ]Kinda have to personalites
[ ]Love to joke around
[ ]Love to help people