According to "Pop Sugar Rush", one member in the "Catching feuer book will not make an appearance in the movie. This character plays as one of Katniss's Friends back at the hob of district 12.
In the book when Katniss rushes to Gales aid during his brutal whipping, their is sagte to be an unconscious peacekeeper on the ground. One who supposedly ran to Gales aid before Katniss had.
later on when Katniss and Peeta are preparing for the, "Quarter Quell", this young peacekeeper has faced his punishment for interfering during the whipping. He has been turned into a mute servant, an Avox. President Snow has strategically made this Peacekeeper Katniss's Avox just to weaken her and it works.
Even though Darius plays a small role in the story, he plays a major part in katniss's life.It is a little sad that we wont be seeing our red-headed friend in November when the film comes out.