(Theme song is little me Von Little mix)
Everyone: *silent*
Alfie: Why are we all so silent
Patricia: *Points to Victor on the phone*
Alfie: Oh I didn't know abo-
Victor: Quiet down!!
Everyone: *eating quietly*
Amber: *whispering to Nina* So have Du heard about the girl that went missing?
Nina: Yeah, in the newspaper right?
Amber: *nod*
*At class*
Nina: Don't Du think it's a bit strange that she went missing with her mom and right Weiter to the Anubis house?
Fabian: Yeah, Du don't think that it might be another mystery right
Amber: If it is sibuna is totally back!
Nina: But we need to find Mehr about this
Fabian: How about after school we find out what she looks like and where exactly it happened
Amber: Perfect!
*After school in Amber's and Nina's room*
Fabian: *Gets out laptop and turns it on*
Nina: If we find all the information we need, we'll go out tomorrow after school for clues
Amber: But tomorrow is our test that lasts for like 10 hours!
Nina: Your right, how about we go now, the research will only take 10 minutes
Fabian: oder 50....
Nina: What do Du mean *Sees no sites with information*
Nina: We'll just have to look harder
*5 Minuten later*
Fabian: I think I found something!
Nina: Where?
Fabian: On this site, it says....
Fabian: The girl was about 10 years old and went missing outside the house Weiter to Anubis.
Amber: But how does she like?
Fabian: Brown hair and blue eyes
Amber: And...
Nina: That's all.....
Amber: Well we'll just have to go out with this information
Fabian: oder we could have a look at the newspaper
Nina: Yeah we better start looking in the attic, that's where all the newspapers are stocked
Amber: And Nina we firstly need to get your locket
Nina: I'll get it
*In the cellar*
Nina: Where is my locket *looks everywhere*
*Weird noises*
Nina: *scared* what was that?
Nina: *Turns round and sees locket on floor with Gold pieces surrounding it*
Nina: * Walks up to locket and kneels down*
Nina: What are these pieces*Touches a piece*
Nina: *Scary thought runs through mind*
*Evil laugh*
Nina: *Turns round* *Screams*