Before Du read: Some of the new characters names will not be what they are going to be in season 3 since I do not know their real names yet.

In the living room at Anubis House, Joy, Eddie, Alfie, and Mara are still sitting down and Victor, Trudy, Fabian, Amber, and Patricia are standing up. Amber is still crying
Amber: I just cant believe she left. She's my BFFL. I'll- I'll miss her.
Alfie jumps up and puts his hand around Amber.
Alfie: It'll be okay Ams. Du always got me.
Amber cries harder then runs up stairs.
Patricia: Nice going Alfie.
Alfie: What?

Up stairs in KT's, Amber's, and Willow's room, KT and Willow are putting away all their things and moving in when Amber runs in crying.
KT: What's wrong?
Amber: GET OUT!
Willow: What?
KT: Huh?
Amber: JUST GET O-
Victor walks in.
Victor: What is going on?
Willow: She's telling us to get out of here. I don't know why.
Victor: What is going on Amber?
Amber: I want a room to only Nina and I. No one else!
Victor: I'm afraid Nina's no longer going to be at this school anymore.
Amber: Well I want her!
Amber runs to her bett crying.
KT: What a lovely roommate.
Victor: (sigh) Just let her be. abendessen, abendmahl will be ready shortly.

In Fabian's and Eddie's room, Eddie is tossing and turning in the bed.
In Eddie's dream, Eddie is inside a dark coffin.
Eddie: Where am I? Hello?
Eddie starts beating on the door.
Eddie: Hello?!?!? LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!
The door opens and Eddie is in a small achteck shaped room with other sarcophagi around the room.
Eddie: Where are I? Hello?
A sarcophagus across the room opens up and KT steps out.
Eddie: What are Du doing here?
KT: I'm-
The room starts shaking.
KT: Their here.
Eddie wakes up to Fabian shaking him.
Fabian: Eddie! Eddie!
Eddie: Huh? W- what's going on?
Fabian: Class starts in 30 minutes.
Eddie: Oh okay.
Fabian: Get ready.
Eddie: Nah. I want to finish my dream. It was strange.
Fabian: Do Du want me to call your dad?
Eddie: (sigh) Fine.

In the dinning room, Alfie, Mara, Patricia, Willow, Joy, and Amber are eating at the tabelle and Amber is giving Willow an evil look. Fabian and Eddie enter.
Eddie: What's up everyone!
Patricia: Hey Eddie!
Alfie: Finally! Someone broke the awkward silence.
Fabian: Where's Jerome?
Alfie: Still hasn't gotten up out of his bett yet. Door's been locked ever since he got here.
Eddie: Where'd Du sleep then?
Alfie: Couch.
Willow: Awwww... Du poor thing!
Amber: Watch it missy! His my boyfriend!
Alfie: Ams! Calm it down. Du know I Liebe ya.
Amber: (blushes) Hehe... I know.
Amber gives Willow an evil glare.
Eddie: So Du must be new.
Willow: Yep. Starting today. Can't wait.
Eddie: So Du must be replacing for Ni-
Patricia, Amber, Joy, and Mara shush Eddie.
Mara: Not around Fabian!
Eddie: Oh right.
Fabian: Nah. It's okay. I've been texting and calling for all yesterday after we got the note.
Amber: Did Du ask her why she gave Du her locket?
Fabian: Yeah.
Joy: Well? What did she say?
Fabian: Nothing. She changed the subject right then. Weird.
Trudy enters and cleans up some of the dishes.
Willow: Where's KT?
Trudy: Oh she volunteered to do some laundry. Sweet thing.
Eddie: KT?
Amber: Another stupid replacement for Nina.
Trudy: Amber!
Victor enters.
Victor: Well look at the time. Shouldn't Du guys be at school?
Mara: Oh yeah! We better get going!
Willow: Don't wanna miss my first day!
Mara, Alfie, Joy, and Willow exit.
Victor: Go!
Eddie exits then bumps into KT carrying some laundry.
KT: Sorry.
Eddie: Watch it!
KT: I sagte sorry.
Eddie sees KT's face and stares at her in confusion.
KT: Okay, which is it? Never seen a girl before oder do I got spinat stuck in my teeth.
Eddie still stares at there confused.
KT: Well?
Eddie: I've-
Patricia: Eddie! Let's get to class!
Eddie: Oh- okay.
While Patricia, Eddie, Amber, and Fabian leave, Eddie still stares back at KT picking up the laundry.

At the school, Alfie, Eddie, Amber, Willow, and other students sit in class when Ms. Livingston enters.
Ms. Livingston: Good morning everyone. I am your new teacher Ms. Livingston.
Alfie: What happened to Ms. Valentine?
Ms. Livingston: She moved back to Australia.
Alfie: Oh.
Ms. Livingston: Now, let me get to know your names. Let's start it you.
Frank: I'm Frank Bonce.
Kyle: Kyle Rowe.
Willow: Willow Jenks.
Ms. Livingston get's to Eddie who is starring off into space.
Ms. Livingston: Sr? Sr? Hello?
Eddie: Huh?
Ms. Livingston: What is your name?
Eddie: My name? Oh... ummmm.. Eddie Sweet.
Ms. Livingston: ah. Du must be Mr. Sweet's son.
Eddie: Yes.
Ms. Livingston: We will be having a lot of fun this term. Now, moving on...

Back at Anubis House, Jerome exits his room into the hallway and find Trudy and mohn talking int he Foyer.
Trudy: Poppy, I've already told you, we don't have room here at Anubis House.
Poppy: No room in any of the girls' room?
Trudy: Not at all, their all already filled too much. I'm s-
Jerome: Poppy?!
Poppy: Jerome!
Jerome: What are Du doing here?
Poppy: I'm-
Trudy: mohn had this ridiculous idea that she could stay here at Anubis House.
Jerome: Poppy, I already told you-
Poppy: Why can't Du stay at Isis house with me.
Jerome: I already said-
Poppy: Oh come on Jerome! I'm the only girl there.. well besides our house mother Elizabeth. Ple-
Victor enters from the cellar.
Victor: What is going on out here? Shouldn't Du two be at school?
Trudy: We're sorry Victor, we're just having a tiny bit of an argument.
Victor: Well carry it on somewhere else. Well? Shoo. Shoo.
Poppy: I can't believe Du Jerome! I thought Du changed!
mohn runs out crying.
Jerome: Poppy!
Jerome runs out after Poppy.
In the Cellar, Victor walks down the steps to a tabelle in the middle of the room and takes a sip out of a glass and then spits it out and throws it across the room.
Victor: Aggghhh! There's still something missing! But what?
The book of Isis falls off the schreibtisch onto an open page.
Victor: Huh?
Victor walks over and picks it up to the open page.
Victor: The ingredients to the Elixir of Life! It's been in the Book of Isis all along! How could I have missed it! And all I'm missing is.... A drop of blood from the blood of the Pharaohs... Robert!


Why does victor want Robert? Why does mohn want to stay with Jerome so badly? And why was KT in Eddie's dream? Find out in Part 3!