Willow Jenks
I cannot wait for s3!! So I start making my own Fan fiction! Please read and leave a comment.

Fabian enters the house. He saw Amber, Alfie and Joy, arriving earlier than him. "I'm a little late," Fabian sighs. "Well, not that late," says Amber. "Me and Amber arrives 10 Minuten earlier before the school was open, so we wait outside, and then 5 Minuten later Joy came along," tells Alfie.

Then, after several Minuten everyone arrived, and of everyone but Nina. "Where's Nina?" asks Fabian. "I don't know. Maybe she is late?" Antwort Amber curiously. The glocke rang. "I guess it means we should get to our rooms and unpack!" says Fabian. "One Frage playing on my mind - if Nina's NOT gonna be here, who's my roommate?" asks Amber. Just then, a girl with plaits walked to them. "Hey, I'm Willow Jenks.." greets the girl. "Amber Millington!" says Amber. "Amber? Amber! I'm your new roommate!" says Willow cheerfully. "Your answer has been answered," says Fabian and walks away.

-at the Amber&Willow's room-
"So Du are new here?" asks Amber. Willow nods. "Do Du have something golden in your mouth?" asks Amber. "Yes! I am new here!!!!" Antwort Willow. "Oh, turns out there is no gold," says Amber. Willow laughs.

-tonight at the dining room-
"so Du are new here? Nice to meet you!" says Joy. "I'm Patricia Williamson, Joy Mercer, Jerome Clarke, Mara Jaffray, Alfie Lewis..." Patricia introduces the group. "My name's Willow Jenks!" Willow introduces herself. She sits on a sitz Weiter to Mara. "Willow.. I was wondering. Where do Du come from?" asks Mara. "I come from Australia. My friend K.T. lives there too, I hope she'll come here at Anubis house. We're best friends," Antwort Willow.

-at Amber's room-
"It's a good thing Willow is at the dining room. Now let's talk about Sibuna!" says Amber. "Where's Nina?" asks Fabian. "I got a text message from her. She's at America taking care of her gran," Antwort Patricia. Just then, they heard footsteps. "Someone's coming!" says Joy. The door slowly opened.

To Be Continued