Amber : Uh oh!
Fabian : We need to find it!
Alfie : How? Where?
KT : Guys, we need to find it. For them!
Voice : Find it.
KT : Look! *points to a wall*
Patricia : *reads what is written on the wall* Find the book... find.. the book! Let's find it!
Jerome : *hears a voice* We--
Voice : *only Jerome can hear* The book is between the attic and the basement. It is at the middle part of the house.
Jerome : The - guys, the middle part of the house! The middle part!
Patricia : The middle part.. here, now! But which room? oder classroom?
Voice : *only Patricia can hear* The room that has many entertainments. Where all of Du meet each other every time every night.
Patricia : The place where we meet each other every time, every night. We usually meet and Amber and Nina's room so.. maybe the book is there?
KT : Yes, maybe it's there.
Voice : *only KT can hear* No, not there. The place where Du race the clock.
KT : What does race the clock even means?
Fabian : If we don't find the book before anybody else, Willow and Nina will be trapped there their whole life!
Voice : *all Sibunas hear* Find the book. Race the clock. Now..
Amber : N-now.. now.. now! *runs away with the Sibunas, forming two groups*

Alfie : okay, we will Suchen the basement.
Amber : We'll Suchen in the attic.
Fabian : One, two-- *the two groups run in opposite directions*

Amber : Amethyst book.. hello.. Du there?
Joy : Bookey.. hello?
Fabian : Come here, Du silly book!
Amber : Huh! *points to a Wand that is glowing*
Joy : We've been in the attic for Sibuna many times but not even once I see a glowing wall..
Amber : Not even us.
Patricia : Hmm... glowing wall...?

Alfie : Silly book.
Jerome : Book, where are you?
KT : Is it just me oder I am "miscategorized"?
Jerome : Relax.
Alfie : No way! *points to a shining light* I've never seen this before.
KT : New term, new mystery.
Nina : Well.... this light is a never-seen light.
Alfie : But.. this light is..
Nina : A trap! Run!! *runs upstairs with the others*
Jerome : Whoa-oh! *falls*
Alfie : *helps Jerome stands up and they run upstairs together* Quick!!

Patricia : We need to take a look at it.
Amber : Let's take a look at it! *walks to the glowing Wand with the others*
Joy : Huh!
Fabian : It's like..
Patricia : A trap!!
Sankara : *appears* Yes, it is. I've already trapped your Friends at the basement. Now it's your turn.
Fabian : We're here because Du asked us to find the book.
Sankara : There are also obstacles to find it. *disappears and reappears Weiter to Joy* Hmm.. *disappears and reappears at everyone of them and they disappeared*