Willow : KT! KT! Get up! Get up!
KT : *wakes up and walks to Willow* What?
Willow : *shows her arm* My arm, look.
KT : Oh no! You've got the MOA!
Willow : MOA?
KT : I'll tell Du later because the "frogs" are the only ones who can help.
Willow : Alright.
KT : *looks at the Wand clock* Right now is 3:00am in the morning. We better go back to sleep tomorrow is school.

Nina : Willow? Du got the mark of Anubis.
Willow : What is this mark of Anubis? Tell me please.
Amber : Du must swear not to tell anyone else.
Willow : I swear.
KT : Sibuna, girls.
Willow : Sibuna?
Amber : Anubis, backwards.
Nina : This must be the work of Sankara.
Willow : I dream of a ghost.
KT : It's official.
Amber : Sankara is evil.
Willow : So may I Mitmachen "Sibu" oder "Sabu"..
Nina : It's Sibuna.
Willow : So, what does this house have to do with that ghost?
KT : Victor has an elixir that keeps him from growing old.
Nina : And I accidentally freed Senkhara. But then Senkhara went to hell, and Sankara, her sister, seeks revenge.
Willow : Tell me, why must Victor doesn't want to get old?
Amber : Well that.. Du need to ask Victor.
KT : That's funny.
Willow : How do I break-free the curse?
Nina : We need Sara's help then.
KT : Girls, we --
Sankara : *appears* Hello, little wimps.
KT : We're not wimpy. You're just scared.
Sankara : *laughs evilly* Du must know I am Mehr powerful than my sister Senkhara.
Willow : Listen, wetter Du lift up the curse oder I'll kill you!
Amber : Wills, a ghost is already dead.
Nina : Sankara, can we do "bad-meeting-you-us" meeting tonight, because we have school..?
Sankara : Very well, but Du must know, I will never lift up the curse.
Nina : We're not scared of you, you're just a ghost. Du must get out of here.

Patricia : So why must she be in the group?
Amber : She's curious and she has the MOA.
Alfie : MOA! Huh!
Willow : I hate to interrupt this but, does everything here starts with "short-forms"?
Fabian : Almost.
KT : Wills, MOA is very dangerous.
Nina : Okay, Sankara, appear as Du shall!
Sankara : *appears* Where's the Amethyst book?
Nina : We didn't find it.
Sankara : Then if Du didn't find it,you will be trapped here forever!! *creates a mirror which sucks Nina and Willow*
Nina : *in the mirror* Help me, guys!
Willow : *in the mirror* Don't forget me!!
Sankara : Find the book! *disappears*
Patricia : Nina! Willow!!
Nina : *in the mirror* Find the book, now! We need to be free!
Willow : *in the mirror* Now, go and find it!! Quick!!
Alfie : *holds the mirror* We'll try everything we can!
Amber : Hold it carefully...!
Alfie : I'll--- *accidentally drops the mirror, and it breaks*
Fabian : Nina!!!
KT : Willow!!!!
Amber : The book!! Guys, the book!!