KT : Guys, tell me! What's going on around here?
Amber : Sibuna?
Nina : Sibuna!
Amber : KT, Victor has a elixir that keeps him from growing old. The elixir contains dark magic until a ghost name Senkhara appears.
Nina : But then Senkhara went to hell, and her sister, Sankara who puts us in here wants to seek revenge.
KT : This place is.. haunted?
Nina : A bit.
KT : How do we get out of here?
Amber : We need help from someone who's good a digging!
KT : Someone who can jump far and high, someone--
Amber : Someone who can help us.
Nina : For crying out loud, me! My grandma has a garden. So, I'm good at digging. And before I start schooling here, my old school has a record for me and I was awarded as best-athletic student.
KT : So help us get out of here!
Amber : The problem is it is not dirt.
Nina : Grab my hand. *hold out her both hands*
Amber : *grabs Nina's left hand* Done.
KT : *grabs Nina's right hand* Okay.
Nina : The ceiling..
Amber : Floor.
Nina : The floor, oder ceiling.. looks mushy, so.. *jumps up high and arrives at the room floor which has a big crack*
KT : Wow! You're athletic.
Nina : Go to your room, KT! Before it's 10 'o' clock!
KT : *looks at her watch* It's 9:30pm. Bye--
Amber : Du must swear not to tell anyone?
KT : Yes.
Amber : Not even Willow.
KT: Uh.. okay.
Nina : Sibuna? *covers her right eye with her right hand*
KT : Sibuna.. *covers her left eye with her left hand and walks out of the room*

Willow : What were Du doing at those two frogs room?
KT : They're not frogs. I went to their rooms because I left my text book there.
Willow : And how did it went there?
KT : Because someone switch mine and Amber's text book.
Willow : But why didn't Amber went to our room?
KT : Because I bring the book with me.
Willow : You're lying!
KT : No, I'm not. I swear!
Willow : Very well, I believe Du this time. But the truth will be uncovered!
KT : Let's get dressed.
Willow : Weiter time, don't go to those frogs' room... I'm watching you! Remember, I am yours truly one and only BFF and ordinary friend! Don't be Friends with other people...
KT : You're so rude!

KT : *sits between Amber and Nina* Hey guys.
Willow : *sits Weiter to Jerome* Hey, Jerome.
Jerome : Oh hey, Wills.
Willow : *looks at KT* Wait a sec. *walks to KT*
KT : Hi, Willow. Want to Mitmachen us?
Willow : I told you! Du better not play with those frogs!
KT :What about Du and Jerome?
Willow : Grr!!! Du win this time, but I'll make sure Du regret this. *sits back at her seat*
Amber : So KT, you're the newest Sibuna member!
KT : Who else are in Sibuna?
Nina : I'm the first member but Amber create Sibuna, she's the third. The Sekunde is Fabian followed Von Patricia, Alfie, Jerome and Eddie. You're the newest!
Amber : But Jerome and Eddie aren't very close to Sibuna.
KT : Willow is watching my back, she can't leave me!
Amber : She's got the eyes..

KT : I'm the new one!
Jerome : oh.
Patricia : KT, never tell anyone about this.
Willow : *enters the room* KT! I told you, don't play with other people! I'm your one and only *grabs KT's right hand when KT stands up* BFF!!
Amber : *grabs KT's left hand and pulls her* We're not frogs!! You're selfish! KT, don't be her BFF anymore!
Willow : *pulls KT* Du all are selfish!!!!! KT's mine!!!!
Amber : *gets KT when Willow accidentally released KT's hand* Got her!
KT : Wills, stop being selfish!!
Willow : Aarggh! *runs away*
KT : Wills! Guys.. sorry, but let's do this Weiter time.
Nina : Okay, and Du guys better get out of here before it's 10 'o' clock.
Everyone except Nina and Amber : *walks out of the room*
Amber : *closes the door and sat on her bed* Willow is so selfish!

Willow : *on her bed, crying* KT is my BFF forever... sniff!
KT : *enters* Wills?
Willow : Go away, go stay at.. those frogs room..........!
KT : *lays down on her bett and closes her eyes* Goodnight, Willow.
Willow : *lays down on her bett and slowly closes her eyes* Goodnight.

Willow : KT? Frogs? Anyone here?
Sankara : *appears* Hello, Willow. *holds Willow's right arm and the mark of Anubis appears* Ha ha ha! *disappears*
Willow : *wakes up* Huh! *looks at the mark*


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