KT : Okay! That's it! This place is haunted! *runs away*
Willow : KT! Wait! Du don't understand! You're just imagining thing! KT! *chases KT*
Nina : Wow, KT is so weird.
Fabian : So, about our dream--
Nina : Just a nightmare.
Joy : But--
Nina : Listen to me! Just A NIGHTMARE!!
Eddie : *sits*
Patricia : *sits* So, what are Du guys talking about?
Fabian : Me and Joy got the same nightmare.
Eddie : Which --
Nina : I gotta go. *walks away*
Eddie : So, which one?
Joy : Nina bites our shoulder in the dream, the weird thing is *unfolds her sleeves* the bite looks real. See?
Patricia : Hey! Me and Eddie got that dream too! Weird.
Eddie : Nina maybe is a vampire.
Fabian : One thing. A ghost name Sankara--
Eddie : Senkhara? I thought she's in hell.
Fabian : Sankara is her twin sister that seeks revenge. She curses Nina into a vampire so - maybe her vampire-drinking-blood appetite has begun.
Patricia : That is true. Agree!
Eddie : Guys, I don't wanna be in this mystery-solve-ghost thingy. It's kinda ruining my life. I don't wanna get cursed Von that Sankara freak!
Jerome : *sits* Who's Sankara?
Patricia : Senkhara's sister. She is seeking revenge.
Jerome : Don't Du dare drag me into this mess.
Amber : *sits* Hey Du guys.
Alfie : *sits* Hey, hey.
Patricia : Sibuna?
All Sibuna members : Sibuna!
Jerome : I want to quit Sibuna.
Amber : Please don't.
Jerome : Okay but just make sure I'm not in a curse.

Willow : KT! *stops running*
KT : *stops running and turns around* Yes, Willow?
Willow : I'm with you. If the place is haunted, we will fight the ghosts together! We're BFF!
KT : You're right. BFFs?
Willow : BFFs!
Eddie : *walks to KT with Jerome* What's up, what's up?
KT : Eddie, but, Du and I are frenemies..
Eddie : That's just us and Patricia, Du and me - no.
Jerome : Romantic.
Willow : Hey Jerome.
Jerome : Oh hi Wills.
Willow : So, hi.
Jerome : Hi.
Willow : I've got to go.
Jerome : Yeah, me too.
Willow & Jerome : *hugs each other then walks away in opposite directions*
KT : Eddie, how's it going?
Eddie : Awesome! What about you?
KT : Great.
Eddie&KT : *kissed each other*
Patricia : *walks to the two Liebe birds* EDDIE! KT!
KT : Wait, you're jealous.
Patricia : No way.
KT : Yes way.

KT : Eddie.
Eddie : What, what?!
KT : I think Patricia's jealous.
Eddie : Be quiet.

Willow : I need to go to the bathroom. I didn't bathe this evening. *walks to the bathroom and locks the door*
KT : Okay.
Sankara : Hello, new kid.
KT : Aahh!!
Sankara : Shh.. be quiet.. so, where's the Amethyst book?
KT : I don't know okay! I don't know!
Sankara : Then you'll shall be in the curse!!!
KT : Who are you?
Sankara : Ha ha ha aha ha! *evilly*
KT : Who are YOU!!!??
Sankara : Sankara... *disappears*
KT : *talking to herself* So.. she's the voice..

Amber : Nins, stop biting people.
Nina : Do Du want me to do that to you?
Amber : Don't! Nina, where are all our good memories Du put in? The trash? Du maybe a vampire, but you're still my best friend!
KT : *opens the door* Help me!
Nina : What for?
Sankara : *appears* Hello, again.
KT : Aahhh!!!!!!!!!
Nina : Stop, Sankara!
Sankara : *touches the floor and the floor began to crack* What were Du trying to say?
Nina: *falls into the crack with KT and Amber* Aahh! *the crack then closes*
Sankara : Ha ha ha aha! *disappears*