Eddie : Okay..
Patricia : Maybe it is just an ordinary dream.
Eddie : Wait.. we hate each other!
Patricia : You.. get out slime ball!
Eddie : No, Du get out!
KT : *walks to Eddie* Hey, Eddie.
Patricia : KT, get out.
Eddie : No! Pat, Du get out.
Patricia : Excuse me?
KT : Du heard him. Go.
Patricia : *takes a jug of orange saft and pours it on KT's head* There.
Willow : *sits Weiter to KT* Huh!
Patricia : She deserves it. *walks away*
Fabian : *sits* Hey.
Joy : *sits* Hey, Fabes.
Fabian : Hi. Do you-- *Joy kisses him*
Nina : Fabian! What are you-- *runs away*

Fabian : Du still like Patricia, do you?
Eddie : Me, no! Silly you.
Fabian : Du are. Du care. Du do.
Eddie : You're not the Liebe expert. No "Jabian" oder "Fabina". Du flirt, don't you?
Fabian : No! I just--
Victor : It's ten 'o' clock. I shall want to hear a pin - drop. *drops a pin*
Eddie : Goodnight. *sleeps*
Fabian : Bye. *sleeps*

Joy : I'm dreaming.
Fabian : Me too.
Joy : You're in my dream too!
Nina : *appears* In a dream, there's one bad guy.
Fabian : So?
Nina : *bites Fabian and Joy's shoulder, then disappears*
Joy : It's just a dream.
Fabian : Just a simple dream.

Voice : *only Nina can hear* Job well done, Nina.
Nina : *thinking* Thank you.
Amber : Hey Nina. *sits*
Patricia : *sits*
Eddie : *sits*
Patricia : Sit some place else, slime ball! *sticks out her tongue*
Eddie : Du get out! *sticks out his tongue*
KT : *sits* Hey.
Willow : *sits* Hello, guys.
Voice : *only KT can hear* Hello.