So Nina was black mailed Von an unknown spirit that is not Sankara. The Sibunas are trying to cure her Von asking Sara. What will happen next?
Patricia : We need to find a cure for her!
Sankara : *laughs evilly* Cure? Du don't even know how to heal her!
Amber : We need Sara!
Sankara : You'll never heal her..
Nina : Help.... me. *cries*
Fabian : Alright! Sankara, Du better cure her oder we won't let Du get what Du wanted!
Sankara : Do Du really want me to kill her?
Joy : Sankara, just stop all of this!
Nina : Related... things.... reality.. *can't breathe and she tries to breath, like she's almost to death*
Patricia : Related things in reality?
Nina : *nods*
Sankara : Do Du have the Amethyst book?
Fabian : No! We don't know where it is!
Sankara : *laughs evilly* Really? Very well... *disappears*
Alfie : We need Sara!
Sara : *appears* Du need to find a girl with issues.. oder brokenhearted and---
Patricia : *looks at her mobile phone* Aarggh! Eddie is breaking up with me, I am so mad and brokenhearted! I'm gonna Zeigen him who's boss!!
Sara : She will be back to her normal self tomorrow. *disappears*
Joy : Hmm..

-THE Weiter DAY-
Nina : *wakes up* What happened?!
Amber : Evil spirit went to Du and Du fainted.
Nina : Ambs.. I dreamed that Sankara took my body and the two of us rule the afterlife. And now I don't know what to do! I'm useless!
Amber : Nina, don't be scared. Now let's go to Biology class. *walks to the closet to find her jacket*

Patricia : Breaking up? Are you--
Eddie : Yes! I am! And now.. tell me everything Du want to say!
Patricia : Why are Du breaking up with me?
Eddie : Because you've been avoiding from the last week! It's like "Peddie" doesn't exist anymore!
Patricia : Remember we need to set up a party for Poppy's birthday!
Eddie : Now that Du remember!
Patricia : Why are Americans so stupid?
Eddie : Why are British so stupid?
Patricia : See Du again tonight... loser!
Eddie : See Du too.. loser!
Patricia and Eddie : *walks away* I hate you!

Jerome : Du can open your eyes now!
mohn : *opens her eyes* Huh!
Everyone : Surprise! Happy birthday, Poppy!
Jerome : See? Happy?
mohn : Of course, Jerbil!
Jerome : *Poppy walks away* And for the last time, I am Jerome!
Amber : *arrives with Nina* See? Isn't this fun?
Nina : Amber.. why do I feel like I don't have emotions?
Amber : Aw.. you're just afraid if--
Voice : Amethyst book... ancient book.... tears of a mad person..
Nina : Now that's Sankara who is trying to remind me!

Eddie : Hi, loser!
Patricia : Oh, hiya!
Eddie : Where does that accent come from, loser?
Patricia : A farm, loser!
Alfie : *walks to them* Guys, Du two are perfect together and what happened to "Peddie" just don't break up!
Patricia and Eddie : And what do Du know.. loser?
Amber : *walks to them along with Nina* He's not a loser!
Patricia and Eddie : Yes he is!
Nina : *holds her head* I'm feeling dizzy.. Amber..
Amber : Not now, Nina! We're in a "fight"! He's not a loser!
Patricia and Eddie : Yes he is! Then what is he?
Alfie : Okay! Du two do have something in common!
Nina : I-I... *falls down and faints*
Amber : Nina!
Patricia : Nina! Let's tell the others!
Eddie : What about me?
Patricia : *slaps Eddie's face* Done! *the three of them hold Nina's arms' and they find the other Sibuna members*
Voice : Ancient book.. Amethyst book..tears of a mad person..