Is it too late for episode 4? Late oder not a least i made it, right? In the 3rd episode Sankara asks Nina to find the Ancient book and the book of Amethyst that is hidden somewhere where they are full of booby traps! Let's find out what will happen now!
Joy : Okay, repeat that.
Patricia : I dreamed that me and Eddie are together and he turned to Sankara, cursing me *shows the mark* and now I need to find the mask!
Sankara : *appears* No need to find the mask..
Joy : *shocked* Sankara!
Patricia : Then what do Du want?
Sankara : Tears..
Joy : Of silver?
Sankara : Tears of a person that is angry with someone.. hand it to me put in a bottle.
Patricia : Get out, Du ghost! oder Du just--
Sankara : Shut it! If Senkhara knows this she will be proud! *disappears*
Patricia : That was--
Other Sibuna members : *opens the door and walks to them* Sibuna meeting!

Joy : Ambs, did Sankara asked Du to bring stuff?
Amber : *shakes her head* No.
Nina : She did to me!
Patricia : And me!
Nina : I need to find the book of Amethyst and the ancient book!
Patricia : She wanted me to find the tears of an angry person!
Fabian : Huh? Wait a sec..
Jerome : Sankara asked for different stuff?
Amber : Yeah.
Alfie : I think she's tricking us. Maybe she just wanted to meet her sister who is trapped in the underworld.
Joy : Or... she wants.. *turns to Nina* a body like her sister..
Nina : A body?
Fabian : Du know.. like Senkhara who wants your body that time?
Nina : Right but we have four assignments!
Jerome: Huh?
Nina : First.. to stop her with the silver tears,.. second.. the ancient book... third.. the book of Amethyst and fourth.. the tears of an angry person!
Alfie : Silver tears? That's it! *sits up straight*
Amber : What? What?
Alfie : Read the information at some kind of web address! I read that evil spirits want to rule the afterlife!
Joy : But Sankara doesn't want to..
Alfie : And I also read that if one of the evil spirits' sister oder brother that died oder disappeared.... the big sister oder brother will replace the sister oder brother's wish!
Jerome : Du meant mohn died i need to finish--
Patricia : Didn't Du hear him? Evil spirits..
mohn : *opens the door* What's going on?
Jerome : *stands up* Bah.. we're trying to--
mohn : Do Du remember what's tomorrow?
Jerome : Wh-what?
mohn : My birthday! What kind of big bro are you? *walks away very fast*
Jerome : Wait... what do you-- Du can call me Jerbil like always-- Poppy! *chases her*
Nina : Aahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Joy : What's the matter?
Nina : *a flash of black light flies inside her mouth and Nina faints* Ah..
Fabian : Nina!
Sankara : *appears* Ha ha ha ha ha! (evilly)
Alfie : You!
Amber : What do Du want?!
Sankara : *laughs evilly* Ha ha ha! Ha ha!
Patricia : Du sucker better removed the black spirit from her body oder we won't give Du what Du want!
Sankara : oder I'll kill of you!
Patricia : *worried* Ah..
Nina : Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahh! AAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fabian : Take a deep breathe, Nina!
Amber : Just stay calm!
Nina : Aaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!